Sunday Sewing

I had a rather busy day sewing today. I recently found a new discount fabric store and found LOTS of goodies. Every fabric is $7.99 a yard and its really nice stuff, so if you are in the area and want to check it out I think you should! Discount Fabric Warehouse

I did a lot of cutting yesterday as I have several new patterns to try as well. I ended up only finishing 4 projects last night but hope to do lots more this week!
Bday present- Towel for my mom's shop... she is a beautician :)
I found this cute orange and white fabric that I just couldnt pass up on sale for 50% off... so I decided to make a pillow! This is not for me.. but I have to leave who it is for a surprise ha!

And yes for those who have never tried to do a pillow before... it really is EASY!!
Bib and burp cloth set for one of my mom's customers. The burp cloth I made myself and I also did my own bib (also easy) except when I went to put the snaps on I did it backwards ha! So the last bought bib was used instead :)

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Today we went to the Todd's to hang out and help put together the kids new FORT! Their grandmother got it for them and it is HUGE ha! It took the boys all day working on it.. and they still didnt get it all done :)
Here is Lily already checking it out.. what a cutie :)
and Jar not looking very excited that I have the camera out
Maisy Lynn
The boys working hard and Christina monitoring the progress (her and I did a lot of sitting and watching ha.. b/c our job was to take care of the kids!)
me and the Isaac man hanging out watching

Just before bedtime.. more sweet Isaac time. He is getting so big!
and this picture was actually from a few weeks ago.. JR took it at Maisy's bday party. I couldnt resist sharing what a handsome fella he is :)

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Carolina Mudcats

We have found a new favorite past time for the summer... Carolina Mudcats Baseball! This is the local minor league team and we have gone to 3 games already this summer. It is a lot of fun and really inexpensive too (from $5-8 a ticket and kids 6 and under are free!)
our 2nd game a couple of weeks ago...
with our other Mudcat fan friends, Micah and Haley

Game this week and we brought more fans! Hope joined us..
and the boys gained Big John :)
Muddy the mudcat is the mascot and he is so fun! He comes out on a 4-wheeler and drives around the stadium getting the kids all excited. He plays lots of games with the fans in between innings too.. gotta love a catfish as a mascot ha!

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Phi Mu Puppy Love

I am so happy that one of my puppies is going to a GREAT new home with my sorority sister Sarah! Sarah and her boyfriend Sean drove down from VA and picked her up today.. and there is no doubt they will be spoiling her rotten ha! Sarah had a whole trunk full of goodies with her :)

It was so great to see you Sarah! And I am so glad that you are Lily's new mom!!!
Proud new family
Lily already loves her so much :)

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The Lemarbre's

Last night JR and I got to visit with some friends, Eric and Natalie Lemarbre. Natalie and I go way back to freshmen year of college, where she was my mentor through Campus Crusade. We have kept in touch through the years and now I am blessed to be back in the same area as her again! 6 years and 2 babies later we are still great friends :)
This was the first time I have got a chance to meet Mr. Caleb in person (he was born March 1st). He is such a cute and happy baby, smiling all the time :)
And Miss Anna had grown so much since the last time I got to see her over a year ago! She is now 2 and talking up a storm!!! She had us rolling all night long using her large vocabulary. You will notice she has a crown on. Funny story: She went to get the crowns to show JR and I and brought extras for us all to wear. As soon as she handed one to Natalie and Natalie put it on she said, "Oh MOM, you look GORGEOUS!" Yes there was lots of exaggeration when she said it too ha! I could not get over how smart she was and that she was already saying complete sentences at her age!

This video shows how funny she is! JR was reading her a book and she just thought everything he said was SO FUNNY! You will notice that she throws herself back on the couch laughing each time he read a page of the book. What a ham :)

We love you Lemarbres!!!
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Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Today is Aunt Nell's birthday! Here she is with her 3 great nephews at JC's wedding
And it is also Vic and Reba's anniversary...
We love you guys!

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Google Reader

So it is obvious that I am a big fan of blogger. I still believe that it is the best way in the world to keep up with so many people and I continue to LOVE it more and more every day :)

However... I think I have found a new obsession. For those of you who have gmail I want you to go and sign in right now. At the top of your homepage you will see "Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photos, READER, and Web". If you click on READER it will take you to a place that you will LOVE if you like to scope out blogs. Half way down on the left hand side you will see where you can "add subscription." It will then ask you for a URL, which for example my blog would be www.jrandlindseyisham.blogspot.com. Once you click ADD, every time from now on when I make a post it will give you and update and let you know. I have added all of the blogs that I love to look at each day and now instead of clicking on each individual one each and every time... I just go to reader and it automatically tells me the ones that have been updated. You can either then view the posts from reader, or it gives you a link to the blog where you can read it from there. This has saved LOTS of time for me.. and I LOVE IT!!! (I am sure all of you who notice that I am one of the first to comment on your blog and you always wander HOW I know so quickly.. well this is your answer!)

So if you are not a gmail user, I suggest you become one! And actually everyone who has a blog has to have a google account, so there ya go :) I love google reader!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions.. and happy blogging!!

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Saying goodbye to the puppies

First of all I have to say that I am so glad so many people love this picture as much as I do. I have had several puppy calls where they have said, oh that picture of them in the tub just sold me!! Others have said that I should send them in so that they can be made into cards (which I have already made my own out of them) but I was thinking maybe Hallmark. Anyone ever done that? Worth a try I guess if I knew what to do :)

Secondly, this precious little Violet is the only puppy we have left right now. She was sold, or so we thought, but the lady had to call today and say that it just wasnt going to work out for her. She is such a sweetie... anybody want her to come to your home? :)

This is Rosie and Daisy. They both were sold and went to their new homes this week. Before they left we had a fun day playing outside where I taught them how to climb up and down the steps. They were very scared at first as they had never seen stairs before, so they just stood at the top and looked at me ha!

But in no time they were going up.....

and then back town :)

This is Adam and Eve.. arent they cute?

And this is the puppies other "Momma Lindsey". She was the sweet one who took care of them while we were gone on vacation, so when she got back from her own vacation she decided to come and visit!
I will definitely miss these precious little ones!!!

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Typhoon in Philippines

Here is a picture I found on CNN of Iloilo and the homes that were flooded this weekend. Typhoon Fengshen hit off the coast of the central Philippines on Saturday, killing 17, officials said. It has caused flash floods and landslides the exact city that Elizabeth and I will be visiting in just 3 weeks! Because I was away all weekend, I just heard the news and am in shock. From what our trip leaders say, we will still be able to go, however obviously the people will be in much more dyer need of help because of the storm. I am thankful that God is in control, and that this was part of Him preparing the area for our trip. Please continue to pray for the Filipino people during this time. I cannot wait to tell them that no rain will ever be able to wash away the God that loves them and the He will take care of them even in this time.

Just as an added update about my trip...
Because of my Potts' medical condition, and my mom being his current mode of transportation, we have decided that she will no longer be able to go on this trip with me. She is really bummed about it and I do hope that she will be able to go with me in the future. God has been so good in providing so many people who have supported my trip financially. I have currently raised just over $1800 of my $2600 goal. Thank you again to all of those who have partnered with me, and if you have not and would like to there is still time! We leave 3 weeks from this Thursday.

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Melissa and Aaron's wedding....

This weekend I packed it up at went to OHIO! I picked up Jenn in Kingston, Crystal and Adrienne drove from Atlanta to meet Katie in Chattanooga, and we all met up in Knoxville for our ROAD TRIP!

We really did good for 5 girls packing into a Ford Focus :)

We got there on Friday just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Oh how fun it was to get to see so many of my old sorority sisters! After a wonderful dinner we went back to Melissa's parents house and caught up and told old college stories. It was fun :)

Saturday we were really lazy for the morning and finally decided to get out of bed and head to the Ikea. I love this store and could totally have spent a whole day shopping in there for home goods! Here are Jenn and Adrienne enjoying a brief snuggle on their circular bed.

We got a call from the bride while at Ikea asking if we could come and help set up the reception site. When we drove up I could not believe how beautiful it was!!! It was at Lake Lyndsay
, which was a beautiful spot on a man made lake that the owners had built for their daughter's wedding. It was the PERFECT spot for an outside wedding, just enough space and even a place under cover in case of rain.

This is the gazebo that the wedding ceremony was taking place in front of.

Jenn, Crystal and I got there at 430 since we were the program girls and was able to see Melissa before the wedding... SIMPLY STUNNING!

Around 5:00pm we noticed a HUGE thunder cloud start to come over us. (The wedding was scheduled at 5:30). The wedding planner made a quick decision to hurry everyone to their seats so that we could get the wedding started ASAP!

Still calm and happy as ever... HERE COMES THE BRIDE!

You will notice the cute ring bearer looking up at the rain as it had begun to sprinkle once Melissa got down the aisle.

The officiant quickly moved through the wedding and Melissa and Aaron couldnt help but laugh at how fast it went! Literally probably about 2-3 minutes: enough time for vows, rings and pronouncing man and wife :)

as soon as they had their kiss everyone was hurried to take cover!!!

and we made it JUST in time before it started raining REALLY hard!!!

Remember how I said it was the perfect place? Everyone was able to take cover and this also served later as the dance floor!

and only about an hour later it stopped and the sun set was amazing!!

The bride and groom remained calm through it all and were glowing like never before....

The whole wedding party. Their theme was tropical and I LOVED the orange of course :)

Here is Melissa's brother Danny showing me his tears! One thing for sure about this wedding was that their was LOVE in the air. I have never seen so many people cry at a wedding ha! The father of the bride was a MESS, the brothers of both bride and groom cried, and the bride and groom were the sweetest ever... I really think Aaron cried every time he looked at Melissa!

I was able to get some pretty good shots of the father daughter dance.. always my favorite.

so very happy!

and again the sunset was amazing so it made for a perfect backdrop!

We had a wonderful Phi Mu mini-reunion too!

It was also very fun to have an old college friend's band play at the reception. And they were AWESOME!! Good job Chase :)

It was so great to get to catch up with my bestest friends from college. We made up for a lot of time in our 4 hour drive there and back, piling in one hotel room (Jenn, Katie and I 3 deep in a bed ha!) and dancing the night away just like old times. Love you girls and miss you already!!!

Melissa was such a gorgeous bride and I wouldnt have missed her big day for the world! It was one of the greatest weddings I have ever been a part of for sure. Melissa and her mom did such a great job planning and they sure knew how to throw a great party :)

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