Picture Day


Yesterday was picture day at preschool and I hope to show off some good pictures soon. As usual, Griffin posed and cheesed like he has done it 100 times and Carter screams bloody murder. Oh my two totally different boys Smile


September 17, 2012

2012-09-17 15.38.14

I was preparing for a consignment sale and started feeling somewhat queasy so I decided to take a pregnancy test. We had just decided the month prior that we were ready to add to our family but I wasn’t sure how long it would take. I took the first test and it came out the very faintest positive I have ever seen, which of course kept me wondering all day. What in the world did that mean?

I went on about my day and met my mom to run errands and drop off my consignment stuff. Our last stop was Walmart and I picked up another box of tests. When I put the boys down for their nap I took another test and sure enough… a slow positive. Still not fully convinced I took the third and finally decided it must be true! I called to tell a friend and vowed to keep it in as a surprise for JR for our anniversary that was in 6 days.



My secret lasted all of 36 hours and I broke down to tell JR Tuesday night. Poor hubby was so tired after waking up at 4am and must have thought I was insane because “I just had to give him his present early and get it on video.”


Two days later we shared the news with our boys. Carter of course has no clue and poor Griffin is going to be disappointed if he has a baby sister. “I want a baby brother, I don’t want a baby sister!”

We were going to drop the boys off for our anniversary staycation so we were able to tell the grandparents then. Everyone was a bit surprised that we really were doing it all over again… but excited Smile

14 years ago....

2 young kids decided that they would give it a go on what they thought was love..... and I'm so glad we did!


Anniversary Staycation

This year for our anniversary we decided that even though we didnt have the money to do anything extravagant we would have a staycation for the weekend... JUST THE TWO OF US! It was amazing to have 3 days of adult time and we are so thankful for the grandparents who made it possible for us!
Thursday night was spent telling all of our family the great news about baby #3. Everyone was surprised and happy all at the same time and we loved being so close to be able to tell them in person.div>
Friday we spent the day in Pigeon Forge at the outlet mall. It is a favorite place of ours and we always like to go at least once a year. We went to dinner that night and then decided to go back where it all started for us 14 years ago.... Rockwood High School! It was their homecoming night and JR hadnt been back for a game in almost 10 years. It was great to see everyone and visit with Phillip and Kelly who were in town as well.
Saturday we spent our day at UT's campus and had another walk down memory lane. We get to go there for the games but never get the chance to take our time and walk around to see everything. We spent the day tailgating with friends and soaking up the Big Orange Gameday atmosphere. This picture was taken in one of their fun FREE photo booths!
It was nothing but sunshine all day long and a beautiful first day of fall to walk hand in hand with my love. We had a blast even though our team played pretty awful. Thankfully we still beat Akron!

I love that we do not need extravagant hotels, fancy dinners or expensive gifts to celebrate. We are literally living on LOVE and I wouldnt have it any other way :)


I am the luckiest woman alive!

6 years ago we said I do and began our family together. And I thought I loved you then, gracious day I had no idea! God knew all along that you were to be my helpmate in this life and I cannot thank Him enough for the man He has molded you to be. Our marriage has brought much laughter, some tears, and the best memories a girl could ever ask for.
You are an exceptional Daddy to our sweet boys and seeing you with them takes my love for you to a whole new level.They adore you and I couldn’t imagine a better leader, encourager and playmate for them. I am so thankful they have such an amazing father to look up to!
This 6th year of marriage has sent us on an adventure. More than anything I’ve learned than no matter where life takes us, home is wherever I am with you. Thank you for the way you love me deeply, care for me sincerely, continuing to date and get to know even more of me and always wanting what's best for our family. I remember thinking on our wedding day, “I love him more than anything.” Ha… and I thought I love you then.
So grateful that each year for us increases the depth of our love and I am sure 50 years from now I’ll look back at this time and say, “And I thought I loved you then.”

DSC_3836 - Copy
This 7th year of marriage brings a new baby to our family and I couldn’t be more excited that God has blessed us again as parents. So blessed to call you mine. So blessed that God chose you for me. So blessed to share this amazing life with you.
I love you more than you’ll ever know, Your Bride


Happy 6th anniversary to us!

DSC_3836 - Copy
And we got the best present we both could ever imagine... SURPRISE!!!



Today at school Griffin told his teacher he wanted to write his name on his paper... and HE DID IT! So proud of our little boy!


3 little Whiteheads

We had a very special visit from the Whiteheads last weekend. Mark and JR were great friends in college and he was also in our wedding. This was the first time our kiddos have met and they had a BLAST! Griffin had his first slumber party and you could tell they were excited because we finally had to separate them at 11:30 because they were still giggling!
Their youngest was only 5 months old and little Neely was the. best. baby!
It was fun having a house full of kiddos!

 I couldnt get enough of this precious girl. I promise you she is the best baby I've ever met. Never once cried, always smiling and will let anyone hold her. I'm praying for a child like this next go around ha!
Her big sister Brylee and big brother Nolan were too darn cute. They kept us smiling with their sweet southern charm and accents :)
We all braved going to the game with 5 kiddos under 4.... and it was a success!
I loved seeing these kids all together and we hope they will come back soon!! Go Vols!


Fun at the Fair


Last week we went to the TN Valley Fair. Although it was an extremely HOT day we made our way around to check out everything and had some fun.


The boys thought they were too big on a real tractor!


We saw chickens, bunnies, sheep and cows. The boys were amazed at how close they were to the animals!


Their favorite part was the petting zoo and both were very brave feeding the animals.


The best part was what they chose to take home… wrestling masks Smile


Happy 70th birthday Potts!


We had a family celebration for Potts’ birthday a few weekends ago and what a reason to celebrate! He’s been blessed with 70 wonderful years!


Pottsy is always trying to be funny and so while we were singing to him, he sang to himself, “Happy birthday to ME!”


The birthday boy


With all the great grandchildren. Our family keeps on growing!


Mimi and the newest addition, sweet Miss Ella!


The birthday twins being loving to each other


The adorable Cade Jackson, who has been “adopted” into the family.


Mimi and Potts have lived in the same house for ages and crazy enough my best friend from high school now is their neighbor. Mimi is now a working woman and watches her son Cade while JD teaches… and she LOVES spoiling him!


I’m so lucky to have the grandfather that I do! I love you my Pottsarelli!


Meeting Anna Ruth

On Thursday, I made the trip I had been waiting for for over a month now. I finally got to meet Miss Anna Ruth! I was so thankful to be able to go and see one of my bestest friends as a new Mommy. It was so sweet to see the two of them together and goodness, Mish you are a GREAT Mommy!

We spent most of our time watching this sweet girl sleeping.
Or sleeping with her ha!
But who could blame us.. look how cute she is! This sweet girl stole my heart from the moment I saw her. She is such a great baby and I miss her tons already. So happy for your my Mish!


Its football time in Tennessee!

Last weekend we went to the season opener to watch our beloved Big Orange! There is something extra special about fall in Knoxville... and I've never been so excited to live here. We were blessed by friends with tickets AND were able to go with our friends who were in town. Our seats were just perfect and a great view for our boys to watch them run through the T!

It was the first game all four of us were at and it was terrefic! There is no doubt that our family is ALL VOL :)

Next generation VOL fans... they both already can sing/hum Rocky Top and are trying to hunt down their favorite mascot, Smokey, the entire game!

Born and raised to bleed orange... we had so much fun with the Whiteheads! Brylee and Nolan were too cute and we loved experiencing their first game with them.
It really makes me happy to see how much they genuinely LOVE watching the game. They both were yelling, "Go, go, go, go!" and "TOUCHDOWN Tennessee!"

sweet little brother is already brainwashed and I love it!

Nothing like introducing your children to something that you love and watching them experience it for the first time. There is truly nothing like a game at Neyland Stadium!

Me and my love. We've been to many games, however, this one was extra special and celebrated our new stage in Big Orange Country... family :)