Its football time in Tennessee!

Last weekend we went to the season opener to watch our beloved Big Orange! There is something extra special about fall in Knoxville... and I've never been so excited to live here. We were blessed by friends with tickets AND were able to go with our friends who were in town. Our seats were just perfect and a great view for our boys to watch them run through the T!

It was the first game all four of us were at and it was terrefic! There is no doubt that our family is ALL VOL :)

Next generation VOL fans... they both already can sing/hum Rocky Top and are trying to hunt down their favorite mascot, Smokey, the entire game!

Born and raised to bleed orange... we had so much fun with the Whiteheads! Brylee and Nolan were too cute and we loved experiencing their first game with them.
It really makes me happy to see how much they genuinely LOVE watching the game. They both were yelling, "Go, go, go, go!" and "TOUCHDOWN Tennessee!"

sweet little brother is already brainwashed and I love it!

Nothing like introducing your children to something that you love and watching them experience it for the first time. There is truly nothing like a game at Neyland Stadium!

Me and my love. We've been to many games, however, this one was extra special and celebrated our new stage in Big Orange Country... family :)

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