Happy Birthday Jenn!

Today is Miss Wade, soon to be Mrs. Looney's birthday :) As I posted from last weekend, her and I always have an adventure. There are so many pictures of us over our friendship and I love how each one tells a story. Jenn is a friend who always brings out the fun in me. I love her dearly and am so excited to share her special day with her in August. Love ya mom!


Pray for Elizabeth

Today my friend Elizabeth is having surgery. Elizabeth found a tumor on her neck about a month ago and the doctors confirmed it was on her thyroid. They have determined it is not cancerous but it is still a scary procedure since they have to go in and take it out. She should be out of surgery by mid-afternoon, and JR and I will be visiting her at the hospital. She will have about a week recovery period so I get to play Dr. Friend :) Just kidding, her parents are both in town taking care of her. But of course since she is such a good friend of ours, we would appreciate your prayers for her.


Always an adventure

Legend has it that when you put Jenn and Lindsey together there is always an adventure that takes place. This weekend I made the journey to Nashville to see her since it had been way too long! We had every hope of getting to Memphis together in order to see our other friend Haley and her new little girl Gracie. BUT... as you can tell from the pictures we had a bit of a hold up. About halfway there we ran over a piece of wood on the interstate, which proceeded to put a big hole in the tire. For the next 1 1/2 hrs we sat on the side of the road waiting on AAA to come and save us. In the mean time we had at least 5 people stop to try and help us and one trucker even stated, "I heard on the radio that 2 pretty ladies were stranded, and I just had to stop and help." Hahah too funny. Our lovely lady friend in the "Tow Mater" towing truck did in fact get to us and drove us back to Nashville to get a new tire. Needless to say it was a long 50 mph and very bumpy drive :) We just had to relax the whole next day at the pool.. what a shame!

Good times are always had by all when we are together. Love ya mom!


Happy Birthday Liz and James!!

Two very special people are celebrating a birthday today, my stepfather James and our very good friend Liz.

James is a very special part of our family. He is an incredible husband to my mom and would do anything in the world for me and my siblings. We have shared a love for the Vols from the moment we met and I love that he has such a shared passion with JR and I. He is very laid back, loves to watch sports and spoil my mom and my sister :) We love you James!

Liz is a friend of both JR and I's. They had met when JR was 16 at MDA camp and then I had the privilege of being introduced to her shortly after. "Sis" as JR calls her, is amazing! She has always been such a great friend to us both and gives us great love and support through everything. She is also a great planner and can make anything happen.... reason why she was the perfect wedding coordinator :) I will have to say that I will forever be in debt to her for not only everything she did for us then, but how she continually speaks truth into mine and JR's very stubborn heads hahah... Love ya Sis!

A Celebration

Last night we celebrated many things with our friends so we decided to go out in style, well at least splurge a little I guess I would say, by going to the Melting Pot. It was Richmond's birthday, Andy and Emily just found out they are expecting their first child in January, and JR is done with classes for this semester... YAY!!! We were so grateful to be able to share this moments of celebration with our friends and are blessed to have them in our life.

You will notice that Richmond got the first product of the embroidery machine... something for their unconceived yet named little girl, Hannah :)


Happy Birthday Richmond!

Today is Richmond Chase Graham's 29th birthday! Richmond and Elizabeth have become very dear friends to us since we moved here in July. I actually lived with the Graham's from July until September when we got married, so we were one big happy family :) Richmond has become like a brother to JR and I am so grateful for their friendship. They are rather goofy together if you cant tell from the pics! They have both walked with us through a lot since moving here and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives. We love the Grahams!

Potts is retired!

After many many many many many... ok he really isnt that old haha... many years POTTS HAS RETIRED!!! Jerry Meadows, or Coach Dad as some call him, will soon be 65 years young. He worked as hospital administrator at Rockwood Hospital for many years, as well as marketing director for Partner's Home Health, K25 plant in Oak Ridge and most recently spent time as a vocational teacher at William Blount High School. I would have to say that I would guess this was his most prized job by far since he got to also be assistant coach (under his own son) for football; although it would truly be a close call between that and youth minister as he was for 8 years for my friends and I back home. I was so thankful to have such involved and loving grandparents who many of my friends look to as grandparents as well because of their love and support. Potts and Mimi have been married for 46 years and are excited about now both being at home and relaxing. Although I will have to say, I am not sure how long it will last because Potts is already talking about getting a part-time job somewhere hahah, he is just such a hard worker he doesn't know what to do without it :) I am so proud of him and look forward to him and Mimi getting to visit JR and I alot more now. Funny story is that when I was younger I used to tell them that I was going to get them a trailer and put it in my backyard when they retire so they could babysit. HAHAH I do love them very very much, but I think at this point I have changed my mind... at least about the trailer in the back yard :)


We are down to 3!

Yesterday we decided to go out and enjoy some sun. Of course we were multi-tasking (because that is what I do best haha) so we decided to take the puppies with us and see if we could sell any. We ended up setting up camp outside of an abandoned restaurant building in a busy shopping center (yes i know kindof ghetto, but hey it worked!) Well... we sold 2 while we were there from 1-4... YAY!!! Now we have 3 sweet females left. I feel sad because for some reason every one is wanting a male and so we ran out of those quick! The 3 girls and us are making another trip to TN this weekend though, so if any of you in TN know anyone who wants one let us know and they can come and see them. As you can tell they are not momma's little babies quite so much anymore, but instead momma's big babies :) They definitely showed out for me and were too resistible for people to pass by without stopping. I kid you not when I say it was like we opened a petting zoo hahah. People were stopping like crazy just to "Look" and of course pet them. Hey I cant say I blame them.. they are too precious!!!


JR and Richmond went to the AllStar Challenge in Charlotte on Saturday. This was an early birthday present for Richmond, but I think it was really more enjoyable for JR haha. He has become quite a fan watching them every Sunday this season. There are no real favorites I have heard of yet but I think they enjoyed their boy time. Honestly I think they had more fun picking out who was the biggest redneck there :) :) :)


Happy Birthday Mason

Today is my brother Mason's 15th birthday!!! Wow how time flies is all I can say. Mason was the little white haired brother I toted on my hip until he was 5. As you can see now, there is no more carrying him since he is bigger than me! Mason has to be one of the sweetest boys I know. He is never never never afraid to show me sisterly, which he could at this point say it isnt manly to do that BUT he doesnt and I am SO glad :) Mason is our little All-Star. Anything Mason does he always excels in, more particularly in golf and art. He has made it to the junior pros already and also got an interview on TV haha. He also can paint or draw anything he wants. Every picture in my dad's house is something that he has made and they are beautiful! I am a little partial as you can tell and a very proud sister. Mason attends Oak Ridge High school were he will soon be a sophomore. Happy Birthday My Moose!


Just call me Mrs. Monogram

After much anticipation I have finally found the one. JR and I decided that it would be worth the investment to get a used one that wasn't in the $2000-3000 price range, as the newer ones are (and this is even the lower end!). So I went to a local shop here in Raleigh and found this Baby Lock Ellure on sale. The woman had used it for a year and decided she was ready to upgrade to the more expensive one. That meant they had it on the used table where the prices were more up my alley :) I am SO very excited as I am sure you can guess. (Side story: Elizabeth came in my office right after I had talked to the man and he told me the price and we decided we were going to get it. Needless to say my smile was from ear to ear and I said, "I have some good news!!!" She said well are your pregnant? Hahha to think I was so excited that she thought something huge like that. Then she said well i knew it was either that or your machine hahah. Oh I am too easy to read :) ) Ever since I went to my friend Jenny's house to use hers to make the personalized burp clothes, i have been wanting one ever since! I am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with puppy money so that this would be possible... amazing how the Lord's timing is. Anyways please know that I am going to practice practice practice over this next month and I will be glad to start taking orders anytime after that!


Gracie's bikini

I couldn't resist posting this cute picture I got from my friend Haley of her little girl Gracie in her 1st bikini. So little and adorable :)


Happy Birthday Phillip

Today is Mr. Phillip Huel Isham's 24th bday. We were so happy to get to celebrate with him this weekend and are looking forward to him coming to NC with us. He is a wonderful brother and a great brother-in-law if I must say :) We love you Phil!

The puppies go to TN

And if we didnt have enough going on this weekend... we decided to bring the puppies along to TN! Everyone loved seeing them, especially since i had been telling them so much about them. PLUS we were so grateful to sell 3 while we were there!!! The journey down was rather noisy but the trip home wasnt as bad. Not sure if we the noisy ones were sold or what :) The puppies really enjoyed their visit with the families too! It gave Cici and Pipper (mom and James) and Susu and V-diddy (Sue and Dad), Uncle Mason, Tyler and Phillip, Aunt Rach and Granny Reba good practice!!!!

Happy Mother's Day

JR and I were so happy to celebrate Mother's day with our dear mom's. We went to church and then had lunch at my mom's house, joined by Mimi, Potts and Poppa. These women mean the world to us so we were thankful to be there with them. (isn't it kind of scary how my mom and I look like the bopsy twins in our glasses?)

JD is next!!!

JD was definitely on a mission when tossing the bouquet time came! She is now dating Mr. David Jackson from Kingston and like any other girl is thinking of wedding bells. I love JD's dive for this one that JR caught on camera. At Vance's wedding Missy beat her out and so she was NOT going to lose this time. JD will for sure be next..YAY!!!