Dollywood with friends

 I have been blessed with new mom friends and I am so so so thankful! We decided to be crazy and attempt to take 5 kids 3 and under (Griffin is the oldest) to Dollywood for the day. We had a BLAST! Picture above is me and the boys, Harrison and Mariclaire, and Sheena with Pryor and Easton.
My boys always enjoy the water/splashpad area!

Our stroller brigade!

So much fun to ride the rides with our friends!!


Date day!

 Today we had a family day with the boys and they wanted to go to the splashpad! These boys LOVE being outside and especially in the water.

Afterwards we were blessed to be able to take them to their Diddy and Susu so that we could have a date night with just the two of us! We love to be able to get downtown and just walk around and do as we wish! We discovered this AMAZING dessert place and will be going back for sure. I'm so thankful for a man who continues to want to spend time with his woman :)


Mommy/Carter date

 While Daddy and Griffin headed to the movies, Carter and I had some time just the two of us! He hadnt ever been in the civic, nor in the car by himself so he loved it!
 We didnt do anything major, just ran some errands. However I always know the way to his heart- FOOD!
He really enjoyed concentrated time on him and liked building with the blocks. He really is a funny kid and I loved spending time with him!

Griffin/Daddy date

 Griffin and Daddy had a date Sunday after church.. and they decided to let Griffin go to his first ever movie in a theater! It just so happens that Batman came out and it is his very favorite!
 He did awesome and loved the movie. There were a few times he was upset because Batman got hurt and at times it was a bit too loud.... but he's already asking to go back!
Afterwards they enjoyed some yummy ice cream! Great Daddy and son time!


Trip to NC

 A few weeks ago we had a trip back to NC for our house closing. We were excited to be able to visit our family there as well! Griffin got to see his girlfriend Ashley.....
Uncle Jake and Aunt Stacey

 Pool time with my bestest friend Nicole and her boys
LOTS of spoiling from Mimi and GDaddy who let us stay with them

And even a photo shoot with this beautiful girl for her senior pictures. More on that to come!

Unfortunately we had to cut our trip from 5 days down to only 1 1/2 but we tried to soak up every minute we were there! It was very odd visiting NC now instead of living there and visiting TN. We loved getting to see everyone but it was also bittersweet bc it went much to quick.

We were able to close on our house... PRAISE THE LORD! It was very hectic and many times didnt seem like it would ever really go through. So thankful for that HUGE load off of us though... God is good!! We never realized how excited we would be to NOT be homeowners :)


There's gotta be MORE!

This past Sunday, JR had the wonderful opportunity to preach at our new church. It was a very big day for our family because he has only done this about 3 times AND not to mention since setting out on this church planting journey, bring God's word is pretty important! I have never been more proud of my husband... he prepared diligently, and brought a life change message. I had a for real moment of "holy cow I'm the preacher's wife!" It still seems unreal to me :)

We were blessed to have lots of family and friends support who came but if you'd like to see it you can watch it online too! Check out JR's sermon "There's gotta be more!"

New baby girls!

 I am SO excited that my family has welcomed a new grandchild and the first GIRL! Miss Ella was born June 30th and I cant wait to meet her!
 I am also so thankful to welcome this precious little girl, Scarlet, into the world! Her mother, Elena, and I have been friends since 2nd grade!
I was thrilled to be there the night she was born and get to meet her for the first time. I cant wait to love on these two little girls a TON!


Sweet boys!

 These two boys truly bring so much joy to my life! I love our days home together and even more so love the moments when they are sweet to each other!
I do my best to not get caught up in the 1,456,376 things that need to be done around the house and just enjoy times like these. Morning cartoons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, them both fighting for a place in Mommy's lap and moments like these that I catch on camera.

One blessed Mommy and I do not take it for granted!


Happiest birthday to Cici!

For Cici's birthday we had a family day to celebrate! First stop.. the pool!

Griffin tried out some goggles and did lots of jumping in to Tyty!
Then we had the whole family over for dinner and more celebrating!

Uncle Scott was not going to let her forget how young she was.... wearing black for some reason. Hmm... I'll never tell how YOUNG she is :)

The original Meadows family

Mom and her children (unfortunately Rachel was at the beach and missed it!)
Cici and Pipper
Her bestest friend Lele
Isnt she lovely! Happy birthday to the greatest Mom in the whole wide world!!!


4th of July

 Since moving back to Tennessee, we have been able to enjoy holidays with our family and let our boys experience some of our many traditions together. When I think of the 4th, I think of Watts Bar LAKE! We spent the day with Diddy, Susu, Moose, Tyty and Cara!

Cant have 4th of July without watermelon :)

 We rode the boat down to see the fireworks and before they started the boys jumped in for a swim.
 Growing up, I definitely took for granted what our town did for this holiday. Now being away for 7 years and coming back.... I see how amazing it is! There arent many towns in the USA where you can drive your boat up and see such a spectacular display of fireworks with 1/2 the town on the banks around you. Ahhhhhh!
Of course its always sweet when I get to relive some of our memories from when we dated with my love! We had a great 4th of July with food, fun, family and SUN!



Walked in this morning to see Carter snuggling with Mickey!  Too sweet