Celebrating 28!

I was spoiled by my boys ALL weekend long! JR surprised me when he came home Thursday night with an icecream cake... YUMMY!! We had a fun night just with the family and it was a great start to the weekend.

Friday we went to the mall to see if I could spend some birthday money. I had requested to be able to buy new clothes since things dont quite fit the same just yet ha! Sadly I didnt find very much (YET!) but I sure loved seeing the joy on Griffin's face when he rode the choo choo :)

Saturday morning I woke up to this sweet boy's voice saying "Happy birfday Mommy!" and then he and Daddy made me a birthday waffle for breakfast.

Carter also gave me the gift of 5 hours of sleep!!

I share my special birthday with sweet Isaac Todd and we headed to his birthday party in the afternoon. The Todd family is like our family so we wouldnt have missed it!!

Griffin was thrilled to go to "Isaac's birfday party" as he had been talking about it since I told him we were going the day before. I love seeing these sweet boys together!!

And my precious friend Christina (Isaac's mom) totally surprised me by baking ME a birthday cake too! At her son's bday party.. I mean who does that?!? Well she is pretty special :)

I had my first "Mommy alonetime" that afternoon and went shopping at Target. Oh it was nice! Then we met the Grahams and Messersmiths for dinner at Twisted Fork. I am so blessed by these two ladies and I love raising our kids together!

I am truly blessed and not on just my birthday. To have these 3 special boys in my life is the greatest blessing to me! I love my sweet family :)

And it being my first birthday as the mom of TWO was pretty special too!

The fact that I heard this ALL day long made my heart SO very happy :)
Thank you everyone for the phone calls, cards, facebook messages, texts, etc! It has been a WONDERFUL day!!!


lessons as a mom of 2

lessons learned on my first day home with 2 kids:

1. its all about small victories
2. always give myself an extra 30minutes when getting ready just in case both kids blow out their diapers and need baths... today they did it at same time!
3. dont be surprised by the remarks such as "wow you have your hands full!' when out with 2 small kids
4. I can do it... best realization for an overwhelmed mommy :)


Project 52: Happy Valentines Day!

We braved it and ventured out with a one week old for a family dinner on Valentines Day. It felt so good to just get out of the house with all the craziness going on!

My littles Valentine

Mimi and her buddy

bright eyes

My big boy excited about his Valentine sucker from Mommy and Daddy

and Carter did so well! Sleeping the entire time we were eating and made it home before he wanted to eat. Miracle with his crazy schedule for sure... he usually wants to eat every 1 1/2-2 hours. :)

I love these 2 little boys more than anything! They make any Valentines Day special!


Family of Four!

We are now officially a family of four and I am not even sure it has truly sunk in yet! It is so overwhelming to bring a new baby to the family and I am so blessed to now be a mom of 2 wonderful boys! The delivery went amazing and seamless, recovery has been good except my crazy cough that wont seem to go away and now we are doing our best to transition into a family of four. I'll be honest.. I am A LOT more intimidated this time around! With Griffin, I could just concentrate on him and his every need but now there are TWO :) It should be interesting once I am on my own with them both during the days but for now I am blessed to have my Mimi staying with us, who is Griffin's favorite playmate!

It has been incredibly sweet to watch Griffin with his little brother. He is so proud and hasnt shown any jealousy, as of yet. He is very interested in him, often asks to hold him and gets really worried anytime he cries. "Its okay, Carter," he will say... how sweet!

Carter has been a great baby this first week. He is definitely an eater, man I forgot how crazy it is to nurse every 2 hours or sometimes 1! He loves to be held of course but is doing just as well when he is all swaddled up. Last night he went 5 hours between feedings... OOPS! I hadnt had to worry about setting an alarm bc he would always wake me up plenty before the 4 hour mark, however last night I think JR swaddled him in so well he was comfy enough to just keep sleeping. I am sure it was a fluke, but I can hope not!

Its amazing how the love is just so instant. I want to hold and kiss on him all the time....

And I love the most seeing my 3 boys together. I can forsee so many more fun times in our family's future :)

Bringing Carter home has DEFINITELY made me realize how big Griffin is. He has had some outings with Daddy this week to get them both out of the house and I just love this picture I snapped before they left one day. He will always be my baby but I cant deny how grown up he is now!

And I leave you with this.. which makes me laugh so much. We had someone come over to take pictures of Carter yesterday and of course Griffin, the cheeser himself, couldnt let the camera be out without him posing in front of it! He wanted to wear his "helmet" and so here is what we captured!


Birth Story

I am slowly but surely getting Carter's blog updated with his first few days. Just posted his birth story so check it out!

We are so in love with our new little man :)


Project 52: Week 6

I purposely planned a Redbox night for this week, knowing that we would have a newborn that we just brought home... make that a THREE DAY OLD! JR was sweet to get a chick flick and we enjoyed snuggling on the couch. It was as good as it gets considering :)


Welcome Carter!

I have been eager to share the pictures from Mr. Carter's arrival! I'll be back to post more but for now just enjoy the pictures and videos :)



Today proved to be another surprisingly crazy day for us. Griffin had been rather lethargic and started getting a snotty nose yesterday so I knew in my mind that if he woke up worse I would take him to the doctor. Not because I really thought he had something more than a cold, but more because I wanted to make sure knowing all the changes we were about to have. So sure enough, he woke up worse and we headed to the sick walk-in at the peds office. Doctor comes in, "I think we should do a flu test." I was caught off guard but said okay and sure enough less than 5 minutes later he was back in to tell me YES HE HAS THE FLU! What?!?! We dont have time for the flu right now, you dont understand I am about to have a baby Monday... is all I could think. Then I got really sad for Griffin and mad at myself knowing that I gave it to him.

Off to the pharmacy we go only to find out all the tamiflu in Wake Forest is out so I would have to call around to try and find some. Joy. Finally 1 1/2 later we are home with the medicine and he is begging to take a nap. I get ready and then head to the hospital for my pre-admission testing. Did I mention Carter is coming Monday? Nurse starts asking me questions and I answer "No," to them all EXCEPT, "Have you been exposed to the flu?" Yes as a matter of fact, my son has it and we found out this morning. Her response had me worried, "Oh no!"

THANKFULLY they decided it wasnt necessary to reschedule my c-section, although they did talk about it. Finally gave me some medicine that I have been begging for all week since they finally realized I probably was the one who gave it to him and said we really need to make sure the flu is OUT of our house before Carter comes home next week. Whew... nothing is ever easy around here :)

Griffin is doing better even after 2 doses and we are hopeful that we caught it quick enough that it wont get too bad. Can I just say I will be the first in line next year for our entire family to get the flu shot?!?!

Family is on their way in tomorrow. Church and JR is getting ordained on Sunday and we check into the hospital at 10:30am on Monday. Surgery is scheduled for 12:30pm Monday, give or take an hour they said. We covet your prayers :)

Project 52: Week 5

Tonight we had a little Wii Mario Kart Challenge for our date night. We originally were going to finish Carter's nursery, however somehow I managed to get all of that done already. So... knowing that it was our last night of the two of us for awhile, we just played like kids! And I'll be even more honest, we got bored with it after about 45 minutes and then decided to each do our own thing as one last VEG OUT before a newborn rocks our free time ha! JR is now playing Madden football on the Wii and I am catching up on blogs and stalking people on facebook. Oh... arent we so crazy :)

I do love to just do nothing "with" JR though... and am thankful he too wanted to take advantage of this last night to just do nothing! We had a rather crazy day today, you can read about it the next post, so I am off to bed! Going to pray Griffin sleeps and I can have a decent nights rest... while I can!


sweet friends

After being in the bed for 2 days.. there is nothing like a great surprise! I received a package from my sweet friend Tabitha today and it just made my day!!! Thank you friend :)

Griffin had to try on Carter's new bib

personalized bucket just like his brother's!


Carter's blog

I think its time to debut Mr. Carter's blog! Check frequently for updates on him, in fact every day if you wish! I have a lofty goal of doing the same thing I did with Griffin and blogging every day of the first year of his life. Wish me luck :)