Celebrating 28!

I was spoiled by my boys ALL weekend long! JR surprised me when he came home Thursday night with an icecream cake... YUMMY!! We had a fun night just with the family and it was a great start to the weekend.

Friday we went to the mall to see if I could spend some birthday money. I had requested to be able to buy new clothes since things dont quite fit the same just yet ha! Sadly I didnt find very much (YET!) but I sure loved seeing the joy on Griffin's face when he rode the choo choo :)

Saturday morning I woke up to this sweet boy's voice saying "Happy birfday Mommy!" and then he and Daddy made me a birthday waffle for breakfast.

Carter also gave me the gift of 5 hours of sleep!!

I share my special birthday with sweet Isaac Todd and we headed to his birthday party in the afternoon. The Todd family is like our family so we wouldnt have missed it!!

Griffin was thrilled to go to "Isaac's birfday party" as he had been talking about it since I told him we were going the day before. I love seeing these sweet boys together!!

And my precious friend Christina (Isaac's mom) totally surprised me by baking ME a birthday cake too! At her son's bday party.. I mean who does that?!? Well she is pretty special :)

I had my first "Mommy alonetime" that afternoon and went shopping at Target. Oh it was nice! Then we met the Grahams and Messersmiths for dinner at Twisted Fork. I am so blessed by these two ladies and I love raising our kids together!

I am truly blessed and not on just my birthday. To have these 3 special boys in my life is the greatest blessing to me! I love my sweet family :)

And it being my first birthday as the mom of TWO was pretty special too!

The fact that I heard this ALL day long made my heart SO very happy :)
Thank you everyone for the phone calls, cards, facebook messages, texts, etc! It has been a WONDERFUL day!!!

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Tara said...

Happy birthday Lindsey! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!