Today proved to be another surprisingly crazy day for us. Griffin had been rather lethargic and started getting a snotty nose yesterday so I knew in my mind that if he woke up worse I would take him to the doctor. Not because I really thought he had something more than a cold, but more because I wanted to make sure knowing all the changes we were about to have. So sure enough, he woke up worse and we headed to the sick walk-in at the peds office. Doctor comes in, "I think we should do a flu test." I was caught off guard but said okay and sure enough less than 5 minutes later he was back in to tell me YES HE HAS THE FLU! What?!?! We dont have time for the flu right now, you dont understand I am about to have a baby Monday... is all I could think. Then I got really sad for Griffin and mad at myself knowing that I gave it to him.

Off to the pharmacy we go only to find out all the tamiflu in Wake Forest is out so I would have to call around to try and find some. Joy. Finally 1 1/2 later we are home with the medicine and he is begging to take a nap. I get ready and then head to the hospital for my pre-admission testing. Did I mention Carter is coming Monday? Nurse starts asking me questions and I answer "No," to them all EXCEPT, "Have you been exposed to the flu?" Yes as a matter of fact, my son has it and we found out this morning. Her response had me worried, "Oh no!"

THANKFULLY they decided it wasnt necessary to reschedule my c-section, although they did talk about it. Finally gave me some medicine that I have been begging for all week since they finally realized I probably was the one who gave it to him and said we really need to make sure the flu is OUT of our house before Carter comes home next week. Whew... nothing is ever easy around here :)

Griffin is doing better even after 2 doses and we are hopeful that we caught it quick enough that it wont get too bad. Can I just say I will be the first in line next year for our entire family to get the flu shot?!?!

Family is on their way in tomorrow. Church and JR is getting ordained on Sunday and we check into the hospital at 10:30am on Monday. Surgery is scheduled for 12:30pm Monday, give or take an hour they said. We covet your prayers :)


Brandi said...

prayer are coming your way from Michigan! Hope Griffin gets better fast and can't wait to see pics of Carter!

Leah F said...

I am so sorry about Griffin getting the flu, but I am glad you were able to get some medicine at last! After Nathan and I both had some version of the flu last winter (at different times, God be praised), we decided that we would all get flu shots this year. And so far, we have been spared. We had never done the flu shot before, but felt it would be best with a tiny baby. Praying that all of your symptoms disappear quickly, and that you have a great weekend with your family!

Tara said...

So sorry for your rough week Lindsey. That is just terrible... Let me just say though, don't waste your time on the flu shot. Connor got it every year and has gotten the flu every year except this one. It doesn't cover every strain and apparently we always get the strain the shot doesn't cover. To me...the negative attributes of the shot don't out weigh the possibility that you might not get it. Can't wait to see that new baby boy!