One whole year!

Today was my one year of service at Southeastern. I really cannot believe how fast time has flown by and I can honestly say that I love my job! I have a wonderful boss and a crew of staff who are now my family. I love you guys and thank you so much for the love, support and fun you have given me over the last year. I plan to retire at Southeastern.... and hopefully it will be at an early age :) I truly could not ask for more in my job and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the opportunity to work such a great school.

The puppy howl

JR captured this video of one of our louder puppies attempting to bark. It was so funny because I had got him and brought him in while I was finishing dinner. All of a sudden he started making this howling noise over and over and over. This was surprising and very humorous to us b/c they usually only make a cooing noise, and cant yet bark so we are in the in between stage I guess. Turn up the volume and enjoy :)

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Here is our Christmas tree this year! JR and I put the finishing touches on it together last night and I am quite pleased. I purposefully did not get the top of the tree in this picture b/c right now it is bare. We are still contemplating whether there should be a star, ribbon or an angel there.... until then we will just have an alf-alfa twig sticking bare out of the top ha!
Here is JR's very own tree for his office that is stocked with his favorite ornaments including guitars, hunting, Tennessee, Cracker Barrel (yes they have ornaments) and several other "country" things :)
Of course you should know we also have a Tennessee tree too! It is out on our back porch and even has orange lights. Thanks to Mom and Leeann for the great idea!
table in hallway
kitchen table decor
Lenox holiday place setting- would you believe I found these on sale for $10 a pack!
my "balls of fun" on my coffee table
Tree light
It is an Isham family tradition to pile up in front of the tree the first night that we have it up and have a slumber party. Of course this will be more exciting for our kids when that day comes but we went ahead and started it last year. JR loves traditions :) I love sleeping in my bed so that my back doesnt feel like I got karate chopped all night.. but hey I am a good wife ha! :) :) :)

Tonight I plan to "light up" the outside so stay tuned for more pictures of that later. Happy decorating everyone!!!


Foland Family Fotos

Over the break I was able to go through my mimi's old photos and found some really cool ones that I wanted to share. I love seeing my family's pictures and I think she was such a cutie :) I am so thankful that I now have copies of them so that I can carry them on through the generations. Enjoy!

I also thought this picture from Thanksgiving was too cute. Poppa was so excited that JR and he had the same hat on :) My pop is one amazing man and I love him dearly!


A Camp Family Reunion

Saturday Night JR, Phillip and I met up with some of our MDA Camp family. It had been WAY too long since we had all been together... and it was easy to tell b/c of how big their kids were ha! It was so much fun to catch up though and hear how the Lord has blessed each of their families. There is a bond that we all share that enables us to pick up right where we left off and know that we have loved each other all along the way despite the distance and different roads we have taken. Love you guys.. it was fun and we HAVE to do it again soon :)

the whole crew~ kids and all :)
Hannah, Abby, Leah and Ethan dancing
Aunt Liz with the girls
JR and his buddy Ethan
Melissa and I
Rileyme, Liz, April and Amy

Victory Dance!

It was not a pretty game but hey we still came out with a W! Here is a preview of the excitement that happened after the end of the game... whew we were SOOOO excited :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Moseley

Better late than never right ha? Well I didnt miss his actual birthday but had to wait on the pictures to post them :) Anyways, last Sunday, November 18th was my boss's 50th birthday!!! We had a great celebration with everyone in the office Monday morning for breakfast. Dr. Moseley is a HUGE "Office" fan and so we made him an office card, jello stappler and a random gift basket ha! I also got him a coffee mug with a picture on it of him and his new grandson... I was so happy that he liked it. :)

The Student Services Staff
Dr. and Mrs. Moseley with his coffee mug

random office presents


Thanksgiving Day

There was much visiting going on this weekend and I was so thankful to get to spend time with family and friends. To me this is what the holidays are all about... visiting and spending time with those who matter most to you. It makes for a crazy Thanksgiving Day but I love seeing everyone. Thursday we had lunch at my Mamaw Ann's, then visited with mom's side at Uncle Scott's in Maryville, and then dinner with the Isham's... what a busy day! :)

crazy pose with dad's side
and of course there was football too :)

mom's family photo

Friday we decided to skip out on shopping and instead I visited with more friends :) Chris and Jenn came over to see the puppies and then we visited with her family too. Afterwards I went to see my friend Mandy and her sweet baby boys. Arent they sweet! I l0ved feeding them and putting them to sleep... and after 4 hours of being with them I truly have no clue how Mandy does it! She is the "bionic woman" as my dad calls her ha!The Looney Tooney's

Me with Jonas and Nolan


Back home in Tennessee

We arrived home in Tennessee late last night. We are so excited to be home with our family this Thanksgiving, as we were unable to last year b/c of my work. Of course since we have 5 day old puppies they had to come along to... yea yea i know.. we are crazy ha! But they did SO good on the drive. Maddie was great, just laying down in the back seat and watching out the window. We had the puppies in a laundry basket most of the time and just got them out to feed when they were hungry. I can promise you it was a lot easier this time than it was the last time we came in and they were 6 weeks old and EVERYWHERE!!! Today we took them around to visit our family. They were the hit of the party for sure :) We also got to go to Cracker Barrel to meet up with my Mimi, Potts and Poppa. (They go there about 3 times a week so it is always the normal for us to gather there ha!) It has been a great day and we look forward to much more family time this weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
Maddie and Puppies ready for car ride
Mimi and her great gran-puppy

Aunt Rach

The Isham Brothers

Whole Crew at Cracker Barrel

me, sister and brother

me and pottsy


Check out the ad...

And pass it along :)


Prayer Needed

Posted at 3:00pm
Sue called and said that he had 100% blockage and had to put in a stint. He is now stable and will remain in the hospital for the next few days. Thank you for your prayers.

Posted at 12:30pm
I just got a phone call from my dad and he informed me that my step-grandfather Frank had a heart attack this morning. As far as we know he is doing okay, they had just arrived at the hospital and are going to call me back with a better update later. Please pray for God's protection over him and for strength and support for my family. Frank's children and grandchildren will be coming in for Thanksgiving in the next couple of days from New Jersey. Thank you so much!

Leaving on a jet plane!

On Sunday, JR and I got the chance to fly to the Outer Banks! Jay's brother Justin is a licensed pilot and we were so excited to get the chance to take a trip with him. Justin is 19 and has always dreamed of getting his license so it is really exciting for him too... he and his dad came to visit Jay and Christina and the girls for Thanksgiving and he flew them from Alabama.

I will have to admit that I was VERY nervous at first. I have always been afraid of heights, but flying in big planes does not really get to you as much as this. The first 20 seconds in the air my stomach was turning for sure.. but Justin did great and it was smooth sailing from there. It was about an hour and 15 min flight to the Outer Banks. JR and I neither one had been there before so it was very neat to see. We learned a lot about planes and flying.. thank you Justin for being such a great teacher! Did you know a small plane cost $100,000? So you can only imagine how much one of the commercial ones are :) And of course JR asked Justin about 10,000 questions about everything he could think of.. thanks for being so patient Justin ha!

You know I had my camera with me by now and I took over 100 pictures but just put my favorites in the video below.. along with a couple of videos too (taking off, landing for a brief second in the Outer Banks and then the landing). Notice the lighthouse, the island with only one house on it, the bridge that goes into the Outer Banks Island and the other many beautiful views of God's creation. Hope you Enjoy!


10 little babies

This weekend I had a great time playing momma to my 10 little ones. Man I really dont see how Maddie does it haha... that is A LOT of little puppies :) Right now they are not doing a whole lot, just sleeping and eating... and eating some more! I brought them inside to help keep them warm and put them on this blanket. You can see how they all like to be right beside each other... I caught all 10 lined up in the picture below.

I also love to put them in a laundry basket so I can keep them warm and bring them in to cuddle. I took a nice Saturday afternoon nap with 3 of them and woke up to one nibbling on my chin :) These next 6 weeks are going to be fun!


We have Puppies!

Today after work we came home to a big surprise! Maddie had her puppies all by herself... and she did SO good :) Major "the super stud" blessed her with ALL chocolate babies again. There are 6 boys and 4 girls and they are all very healthy. We are so proud of her and are glad to welcome this big litter into our family! I hope you are ready for many puppie pictures from now until Christmas ha! And speaking of Christmas.. remember they will be GREAT presents. Please pass along to your friends and family...


Congrats to JD and David!

Yesterday JD and David got engaged!!! For a full scoop on the proposal check out her blog.
I am so excited for them and cant wait to go down to Destin come July to watch them say "I do!" Love you guys!!!

I love sweet little girls!

Last night JR and I had the privilege of babysitting two of the sweetest girls I know: Maisy and Lily. Their mom and dad went out to dinner for a date night and we hung out at our house and had a GREAT time! They are so darn cute and very well mannered so it was fun! Christina was so sweet and brought us dinner... a very yummy spaghetti lasagna. After dinner I gave the girls some homemade pudding and oh did they love it! You can tell from the pictures they dove right in :) After dinner we played with baby dolls, dressed up with my jewelry, played with Major and Maddie and watched Dora the Explorer. I loved watching JR with the girls... it definitely makes my heart melt. He is so good with them haha. There was one point where he was dancing around to Dora's music and holding the baby doll... right then it hit me how fun it will be to see him as a dad :)
Lily REALLY loved the chocolate pudding
Maisy REALLY loved the camera :)
And JR REALLY loved taking care of the girls... such a sweet picture!

Is that REALLY me?

So I can either be REALLY embarrassed by these pictures or just have fun and laugh at them... so I decided to share them and just laugh :) Tyler and I were playing around with his new Mac computer Friday night where it skews the images by stretching, mirroring, etc. These were by far the most hilarious ones so enjoy!!!
I look like a character off of Rocko's Modern Life... scary :)

Jay Leno's twin sister anyone? Yes I know... WOW that is hideous!!!!!!!!

You can thank me later for the good laugh I gave you HAHAH!