Was that a challenge?

Was that a challenge? Yes it was. On the way back home from the football game Friday I got a text message from my brother telling me that he was working down at the bowling alley and if i dared to come down there, he would show me the "King Pin" he has become since working there. His place of work is called the Down Under and it is located on UT campus in the Student Center. I of course WAS up for that challenge and really wanted to see him so I went... and I WON! Hehehe it was hilarious because he was so shocked that I had not played in 2 years and I could just walk out there and beat him, who plays every weekend when he is working :) He said, "Oh its just the wax on the floor.... I have perfect spin but since that is messed up it is rhythm."
sister and brother both sporting our glasses
Mr. King Pin in action

and Sister takes the victory :)

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