Rockwood High School Class of 2001

I am officially O-L-D and had my 10 year high school reunion a few weeks ago. After months of planning and trying to hunt down all 72 of our classmates, we had a great little weekend together catching up. It first started with a little tour of the high school before our football game.
Not all that much had changed but there was a new cafeteria and it was very interesting to be back in our all of 3 halls :)
Then we headed to the homecoming football game to cheer on our Tigers!

 The crew at the game
And just like old times, we ended our night with a trip to Ruby Tuesdays! It was so fun to be with my girls again!
Then on Saturday morning we brought all of our kiddos together to have a little picnic at the park. Carter met his friend Patrick who is just one week younger than him!
Beautiful Bella and Kyerah
My firstborn and I wearing our gameday gear!
Saturday evening we gathered at our Rockwood Country Club, aka Ratchets and enjoyed some finger foods and catching up with everyone.
 JD, Elena and I
 Katie and Missy did a fun superlative game
 Casey played DJ
 We had some fun singing karaoke!
 I was very happy to see Adrian Bates who came all the way from Michigan! She always kept me laughing in school.. and nothing has changed!
One of my favorite things to do was try and recreate some old picture memories... our "seven" then and now :)
Class of 2001

It was fun to see everyone and hear where they are now. 10 years sure does bring about a lot of change and yet some things never do change. Good times were had by all... and our 10 year high school reunion was for sure a success!


Celebrating Potts and Mimi's 50th anniversary!

On September 2, 1961 my grandparents got married. They were 18 years old and without a clue as to what they were getting themselves into, but deeply in love. Now 50 years later, and by God's grace they celebrate their golden anniversary! This is definitely something worth celebrating and so with the help of my family, we threw them an anniversary party on September 10th.
We planned this party for them as a surprise so when Mimi walked through the church fellowship hall doors she was quite surprised to see over 120 of their friends and family there to celebrate!
And I think Mimi was even more surprised that her sweet friends could keep a secret :)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meadows (aka Mimi and Potts!)
The lovely couple and the generations that have come all because two people fell in love
some of the decor

It was such a blessing to get to celebrate two of the very most special people to me!!


5 blissful years!


Today we celebrate our 5 year anniversary and this year has no doubt brought the most change and a bit of chaos in our life together. I would have never guessed back when we took that picture above that we would go through our first year being on staff at a church, start doing marriage counseling for other couples, welcome our 2nd child, buy a minivan AND move in just 10 days, along with the gazillion other things life brings us everyday. Yes it was a crazy ride and we learned a lot.. but we made it through! Looking back on everything I see that much has changed since we began the journey with just the two of us. Our house is always busy, we are always running around everywhere and have very little time to ourselves. I was so grateful to get to whisk you away last weekend for a one night getaway to the mountains as an early celebration. It was wonderful to get to just relax with you and concentrate on each other... and as I told you when we did our hike, just the simple thing of holding your hand! You are great about "reminding me" about when we first fell in love and although our roles have changed and the stage of life we are in right now pulls us in so many directions we are still able to create a spark even in the everyday moments of life. In the beginning our love was instant and now it continues to bring on much new meaning every year we grow together.

Thank you for your leadership, your sacrifice and for loving me unconditionally. Here is to another year in our journey together... cant wait to see what it will bring!

Only yours,

Your Bride

Our 5th year in pictures


LONG overdue!

Wow its been OVER a month now since I have posted and I hope you know that is just not like me! I am alive though ha... and can explain. We have had a crazy past few weeks AND my computer is on its last leg and has not been working for me either. We have moved since I last posted too. I am doing my best to catch up on here as well as the boys' blogs so please stay tuned! SOON.. I hope :)

** Several updates have now been made but you have to scroll down because I backdated in order to keep everything in order. Sorry OCD ha!


An early anniversary getaway

We had the chance to have an overnight getaway for an early anniversary present while visiting Tennessee. We always try to take advantage of the grandparents wanting to watch the boys and it couldnt have been better timing! With all the stress of the move and such, we needed some time to just R.E.L.A.X!!! I knew I wanted to get the hubby to the mountains because he had been longing to be there ALL year! We began our trip with another visit to Cades Cove. We used to visit this place often in our high school dating days and it is so refreshing to see all the green and be in the middle of the mountains.

JR also really enjoys hiking and so I planned for us to do Abram Falls. It is an "easy" hike which I picked on purpose because I also wanted to be able to enjoy it and not hate myself aftewards! It was so peaceful to walk the 6 miles and it took about 3 hours. I loved getting to be alone with JR and simply hold his hand! When the boys are with us we are holding onto them and dont ever get to enjoy that little thing that really is missed.... and the turnaround point of the hike had a beautoful waterfall!

We packed our lunch and enjoyed the beautiful view on "our hill." We always stop at the same spot on the circle and enjoy this hill, so special to revisit!

We checked into our hotel and got ready for a very nice dinner at the Peddler. It was amazing food and a very relaxing environment. We chatted about what all this year had brought us... WOW a lot :)

The next morning we had breakfast at JR's VERY favorite.. THE Cracker Barrel and then shopped around at the outlets.

We are grateful for our times away from the boys but are always eager to get back to them!! It was a fabulous trip :)


Season opener: Go Duke!

We took Griffin on his own little adventure without baby brother to watch Duke play their season opener. We are so grateful to have been given tickets by our good friends Wes and Ashley and took advantage to make our boy feel extra special.

He was so happy to be at the game and kept his eye constantly on the "Blue Debil."

We also invited our good friends from church, the Jones family to join us.

It is great to live life together with our church family!