An early anniversary getaway

We had the chance to have an overnight getaway for an early anniversary present while visiting Tennessee. We always try to take advantage of the grandparents wanting to watch the boys and it couldnt have been better timing! With all the stress of the move and such, we needed some time to just R.E.L.A.X!!! I knew I wanted to get the hubby to the mountains because he had been longing to be there ALL year! We began our trip with another visit to Cades Cove. We used to visit this place often in our high school dating days and it is so refreshing to see all the green and be in the middle of the mountains.

JR also really enjoys hiking and so I planned for us to do Abram Falls. It is an "easy" hike which I picked on purpose because I also wanted to be able to enjoy it and not hate myself aftewards! It was so peaceful to walk the 6 miles and it took about 3 hours. I loved getting to be alone with JR and simply hold his hand! When the boys are with us we are holding onto them and dont ever get to enjoy that little thing that really is missed.... and the turnaround point of the hike had a beautoful waterfall!

We packed our lunch and enjoyed the beautiful view on "our hill." We always stop at the same spot on the circle and enjoy this hill, so special to revisit!

We checked into our hotel and got ready for a very nice dinner at the Peddler. It was amazing food and a very relaxing environment. We chatted about what all this year had brought us... WOW a lot :)

The next morning we had breakfast at JR's VERY favorite.. THE Cracker Barrel and then shopped around at the outlets.

We are grateful for our times away from the boys but are always eager to get back to them!! It was a fabulous trip :)

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Tara said...

What a fun getaway!!! Love all that you chose to do!