5 blissful years!


Today we celebrate our 5 year anniversary and this year has no doubt brought the most change and a bit of chaos in our life together. I would have never guessed back when we took that picture above that we would go through our first year being on staff at a church, start doing marriage counseling for other couples, welcome our 2nd child, buy a minivan AND move in just 10 days, along with the gazillion other things life brings us everyday. Yes it was a crazy ride and we learned a lot.. but we made it through! Looking back on everything I see that much has changed since we began the journey with just the two of us. Our house is always busy, we are always running around everywhere and have very little time to ourselves. I was so grateful to get to whisk you away last weekend for a one night getaway to the mountains as an early celebration. It was wonderful to get to just relax with you and concentrate on each other... and as I told you when we did our hike, just the simple thing of holding your hand! You are great about "reminding me" about when we first fell in love and although our roles have changed and the stage of life we are in right now pulls us in so many directions we are still able to create a spark even in the everyday moments of life. In the beginning our love was instant and now it continues to bring on much new meaning every year we grow together.

Thank you for your leadership, your sacrifice and for loving me unconditionally. Here is to another year in our journey together... cant wait to see what it will bring!

Only yours,

Your Bride

Our 5th year in pictures

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Tara said...

Happy Anniversary!