The BEST big brothers!

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One of my prayers during my pregnancy with Lexi was that the boys would love her dearly and not be jealous or upset when she came. I will have to say that I have been amazed at how true that has been. They are SO in love with her, always want to hold her, try and calm her when she’s crying and want to kiss her constantly. “Its okay pretty girl, your brother is here.” “Hello my sister. I love you!”

I am so so so thankful!


School days



Now that we are not going to preschool anymore, we have stated having school at home! Griffin LOVES it and always wake up asking to do his homework… lets home that doesn’t end one day! Here he is working on writing the ABCs


We’ve also been working on his name, cutting and gluing.


The Who Am I game


And he did his very own puzzle for the first time! 25 pieces.. I was so proud!


Home alone with 3!


Today was our first day with Mommy flying solo with you 3 kiddos. We went and met friends at Chickfila in the morning and Lexi did great… just slept!

2013-06-17 16.32.14

Then we came home and had lunch and everyone napped together… success!!


Mommy even got all the laundry done so it was a great day. Im so thankful Lexi has been so easy and therefore making my transition from 2-3 so wonderful!


Father’s Day Weekend


We had a great Father’s Day weekend! Friday we had a family date and while the boys went to see Superman the girls went window shopping. Fun!


Saturday, Lexi and I took JR out on a date and it was so nice to have some time to ourselves. Baby girl slept most of the time and it was like she wasn’t even there.

2013-06-16 09.18.54

This was one proud Daddy Sunday at church showing off his “perfect” daughter.


These 3 kiddos sure are lucky to have such an amazing Daddy. We love you JR ISHAM!

Father 's Day

I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky. When we were dating I knew JR wanted kids but I had no idea how terrific he'd be with them. Since day one with Griffin he has jumped right in. Changing diapers, reading books, singing songs, teaching new things, taking them on adventures.  Never afraid to take them solo. You can tell how great he is by the way the boys adore him. "Daddy!!!" they scream anytime he comes home. Hes the first one they look for when they wake up and his lap is their favorite place to be.

I'm so incredibly lucky to share this journey of parenthood with his as my better half. And I'm so grateful for how he leads our family and teaches our kids.

We are truly blessed! Happy Father 's Day my love!


Remembering 5 years ago...

A friend posted her video of telling all her friends and family that she was pregnant.  I teared up with excitement for her and also remembering how special that moment is.

If your new to our blog or would just like to reminisce here is our video :



Happy 2 weeks, Lexi!


She’s brought us so much joy the past two weeks! She’s an incredibly good baby and we are so thankful. We love our Lexi girl!!


Gdaddy and Mimi visit




We were so excited to have our GDaddy and Mimi visit us from North Carolina! We met them in Pigeon Forge and took advantage of their hotel’s pool for our first swim of the summer! They loved meeting Lexi and spoiling our boys. We love our adopted family and are so thankful for their visit.


First boat ride of the summer!

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We enjoyed our first time on the lake this summer last weekend. Diddy took us on the boat and we had an early dinner celebration for Father’s Day. So much fun!