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I do apologize for the sporadic postings on this blog. I just wanted to remind yall (well Mimi at least) that you can go to the kids’ blogs to see more things. I am doing my best to update theirs individually and then just do bigger family stuff on here.

These are the links:

Griffin- www.griffinjonah.blogspot.com

Carter- www.carterisham.blogspot.com

Lexi- www.lexigraceisham.blogspot.com


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Our Little Pumpkin



Somewhere in the craziness of having three kiddos I forgot to post these pumpkin pictures of Lexi! So one month later here we are…


Lexi Lou


Our Lexi Lou has some baby blues, lashes and CHEEKS


Likes to sit up at the table and joining us for meals


Has the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen


And is sitting up in the shopping cart now too!


Fall weather fun!


We have been enjoying the cooler weather and trying out new playgrounds like Fort Kid. The boys thought it was awesome because the sunsphere (their absolute FAV) was within view!


It was perfect weather one day for a zoo date with friends


On days like this, I so love being a play at home Mommy Smile


We also took a day trip to the Smokies and hung out in Gatlinburg. This cheese loved the bluegrass music!


Yes little sis is always with us too… sometimes it is hard to get her in pictures though because she is SUCH a good baby and just hangs out in her car seat while enjoying the ride!


I think they are ready for the holidays!!


UT vs. Auburn


Our two favorite teams played each other and we got to go watch them play! Susu and Diddy were kind enough to take us and the boys made their day by cheering for Auburn with them! It was pretty funny how conflicted they were, both in UT gear, and singing Rocky Top subconsciously but still yelling WAR EAGLE! Good thing they did because Auburn whooped UT’s bootie!!! Don’t worry, Momma isnt worried because she was brought up with the same brainwashing and I turned out ok!