Lexi Grace’s birth story


The day had finally come that we had been waiting for… her scheduled csection! Our morning started off at 4:30am getting ready and arriving at the hospital at 6:00am for check-in. One last picture of Mommy with Lexi on the inside… 39 weeks and 3 days.


Our experience at Parkwest was outstanding. All the staff was so kind and efficient and we went straight to the room we would stay in, then to the delivery room and then straight back. We were so excited and so ready to meet our sweet girl.


Daddy said he wanted to show his daughter how a lady should be treated from the start so he dressed to impress with his pink bowtie for her. So sweet!


Lexi Grace arrived at 8:33am weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces, 19.5 inches long.

She came out very mad and letting us know about it by crying for about an hour!


photo (9)

All Momma could do was cry for her first minutes out because she finally had her girl. I kept saying, “She really is a girl… she really is a girl!” as tears rolled down my cheeks.

photo (16)photo (17)



Perfect in every way.. this was her first picture shared with the world.

photo (10)photo (13)photo (14)photo (15)

We came back to our room and had some precious first moments with her before welcoming the rest of the family to meet her (another post on that).


Now time for her first bath




We instantly fell in love with this precious girl and couldn’t be more thankful to God for choosing us as her parents. It was a day we will never forget… the day our hearts grew triple in size!


Soaking it up


This past week I have done my best to soak up some sweet time with these two precious boys. I know that things will change for all of us come Tuesday and so I am soaking in every moment with two.


We hit up two different splash pads and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


And had a trip to the mall. I just cant explain how precious it is for me to see them together. Yes they fight often but those moments like I saw today at the mall where Griffin walked over to a boy and said, “You better be nice to him, THAT’S my brother!” Then later I heard him tell Carter while riding in the stroller, “Carter buddy, you are my bestest friend.” Makes my heart melt!


Griffin is an incredible big brother to Carter and I simply cant wait to see how he is with Lexi. Carter has done exceptionally well lately with little babies and so I think he will follow his brother’s lead and also be an awesome big bro.


One last DIY project complete and now my to-list is DONE!!! Four days and counting……


Twinkle Twinkle

Our twin nieces are here!



Our twin nieces were born on May 14th, Uncle Phil’s 30th birthday! They are healthy as can be and we were so excited to meet them.


Anna on the left and Ella on the right. It is hard to believe that in a family of all boys, there are now twin girls!


I loved seeing these three with them. Carter did exceptionally well and kept asking to “hold that one!” Griffin couldn’t get over how little they were and JR was just smitten. Oh I cant wait to see him with his girl SOON Smile


Celebrating Mother’s Day


These two cuties bought me pink roses and made me cards.


I took them to Sonic after church to tell them “thank you for making me a Mommy.”


We celebrated with Cici and Mimi on Saturday by eating at our house and then Diddy cooked for the moms on Sunday. Im so grateful to celebrate being a Mommy to these two!


38 weeks


week 38

Babycenter says at 38 weeks, Lexi Grace has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.

Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs

Gender: IT’S A GIRL!!!!!

Movement: At this last week’s appointment she hadnt been moving very much that day and so they hooked me up to monitor her. They ended up having to use a buzzer to “wake her up.” It was basically a taser and she jumped immediately ha!

What I miss: Getting to the point where I am just anxious to meet her and tired of having her inside of me!

Sleep: Very hard to get comfortable but sleeping fairly well.

Symptoms: Braxton hicks contractions daily, lots of pressure and back ache.

Cravings: sonic ice- bought a jumbo bag to make it till the end! 

What we are looking forward to: Seeing her sweet face

Notes: I have had 2 false alarms this pregnancy. First on May 9th, due to a bladder infection and then again on May 20th from dehydration. I had not dilated nor had consistent enough contractions (both times I was 4-6 minutes apart for over 2 hours before I went) once I got to the hospital either time for them to take her so it was a bummer. She has already caused a lot of drama for a little girl!


Lexi’s blog

For those that have been around a lot, you know I like to blog every day for my children’s first year of life and then all other special things for them after that. I just think it would have been awesome to have been able to go and see a blog of me growing up so I hope they will enjoy it one day too! Plus it helps this amnesia Momma remember all the little details!

So now Miss Lexi has her own blog too! http://lexigraceisham.blogspot.com/

And in case you didn’t catch the other two:




Thankful to be a Mommy


I still remember the first time I laid eyes on my son. Ever since I was a little girl I had wanted to be a Mommy. I became like a mother to all my siblings, cousins and friends at a young age. I took care of my friends in college like a mother and so much so that I earned the nickname “Momma.” There is no doubt God designed me to be a mother from the get go.


Anyone who is a mother can understand the immediate love you have for your children. I stand amazed that four years later I am still in awe of this little boy. I daily tell him, “Griffin do you know how much I love you?” knowing that there is no way he really can.


And when this little booger came along my heart grew double in size. I couldn’t fathom yet again that I could love someone that much, now times two. He challenges me daily, teaches me grace by the hour and just his simple smile makes me melt in a minute.


Now as I prepare to welcome my 3rd child and first daughter, I wait in eager anticipation to see her sweet face for the first time. To smell her, kiss her soft skin and hear her cry. To watch her grow in the blink of an eye. And even now with these last days waiting on her being uncomfortable and often in pain, knowing that it will ALL be worth it once I look into her eyes for the first time.


I’m so incredibly grateful to be Mommy to these three children. There are days that all I want is some alone time and yet as soon as I leave for a few hours I cant wait to get back to them. Motherhood is the most challenging yet amazingly wonderful journey and full of more love and joy than one can fathom. I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world…. and although some may disagree, I think I am the richest woman in the world as MOM.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you other moms out there! Isn't it the greatest thing in the whole wide world?!? Smile


Sprinkle her PINK!


To say that us three ladies are excited to be adding a 4th generation GIRL is an understatement! Cici and Mimi were so kind to throw Lexi a sprinkle with close family and friends on Sunday.






I loved getting to celebrate our girl with my closest friends!


Sweet Brittany and her little boy, Sylas


The best friend in the world who drove up in the rain from Chattanooga… and her adorable son, Ike.


Aunt Rach and Aunt Cara


Susu and Dede


Mom’s best friends, Leann and Ginger


We were so blessed with many cute girly things and some necessities too. Thank you SO much to everyone who came to celebrate with us!