Soaking it up


This past week I have done my best to soak up some sweet time with these two precious boys. I know that things will change for all of us come Tuesday and so I am soaking in every moment with two.


We hit up two different splash pads and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


And had a trip to the mall. I just cant explain how precious it is for me to see them together. Yes they fight often but those moments like I saw today at the mall where Griffin walked over to a boy and said, “You better be nice to him, THAT’S my brother!” Then later I heard him tell Carter while riding in the stroller, “Carter buddy, you are my bestest friend.” Makes my heart melt!


Griffin is an incredible big brother to Carter and I simply cant wait to see how he is with Lexi. Carter has done exceptionally well lately with little babies and so I think he will follow his brother’s lead and also be an awesome big bro.


One last DIY project complete and now my to-list is DONE!!! Four days and counting……

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