Lexi Grace’s Nursery Reveal








I had entirely too much fun designing this sweet girl’s nursery! After two boys and the obsession with Pinterest, I knew there would have to be much color and fun for her! I was bummed that since we are renting I couldn’t paint her walls so we had to bring in the color in many other ways! I had many a DIY projects and with the help of Hobby Lobby and family & friends we made it happen!

I started the room knowing her color scheme. I wanted hot pink, turquoise and hints of lime green. I went fabric shopping and found the perfect whimsical print with just that and plenty of coordinating fabrics. I was very blessed by a friend who handmade her bumper and bedskirt. I was thrilled with how it turned out!

Next I knew I wanted her to be surrounded by scripture. I was inspired by this pin and with the help of another precious friend we created her print above her bed. I also fell in love with several other scripture prints that I created and scattered about her room with fun frames.

I also knew she had to have a gallery wall above her dresser because of pins like this and this. Bring in Hobby Lobby frames, some paint, a mirror and a few extras and it happened! I really wanted a coordinating changing pad cover for her bedding and so I used this tutorial and made one out of my favorite, chevron!

For her bookshelf, I wanted more color but decided to use things we already had to decorate. So out came her shoes (can you believe I’ve been given all of those, except the one I just couldn’t help myself with!?!), hairbows, toys, burp cloths and bibs. I did make her hairbow holder out of a frame I already had and coordinating ribbon; it was very easy with a hot glue gun!

A few more sewing projects were done: pillows, bunting, table skirt, and adding blackouts to the ruffled curtains. The lamp was another fun DIY project, again bring out the hot glue! The only thing we are waiting on now are her newborn photos that I’ll have printed below her shelf and above her bookshelf. Cant wait to see what the fabulous Sam Angel captures!

It was so much fun and yes a lot of work but I am very pleased with how it all turned out! I think I can sleep at night now knowing all the projects are done… or at least I hope This room was done on a crafting mom and coupon budget. I didn’t pay full price for ANYTHING and used any money that I made creating other crafts for people to put into her room. It took way more time, as I’ve been working during naps and at night since January, but it was well worth it in all the money saved! I hope to inspire many more moms out there to know that you too can be crafty and make any room fun!



Bedding fabric- Hobby Lobby

Large frame over crib- Hobby Lobby

Curtains- Target

Picture frames- Hobby Lobby and TJMaxx

Rug- Ross

Scroll frames- ebay

tissue pom poms- Hobby Lobby

polka dot baskets: Hobby Lobby

My nursery board on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lindseyisham/lexi-grace/

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