Slow dancing

I was so happy to find out the photographer at our friends' wedding last month caught our first slow dance as a family of four :) Love my boys!!


Join me in praying for the Links!

Meet Mr. Benjiman “Thatcher” Link. He is the adorable son of my precious friend Jessie. Born July 28, 2010 to join his big sister Amelia who was 18 months old at the time, this precious boy was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 2 months old. Today he will have a liver transplant at 8 months old and his mom is his living donor. I have been praying on their behalf since September when Jessie called me with the news that changed their life forever and am thankful that today he is able to have the surgery that will save his life! They are at Childrens Hospital of Pittsburg for the surgery, which is a very long way from their precious daughter in Nashville. Will you please join me in praying for this sweet family?

-Pray for Jessie as she has part of her liver removed and the recovery that will take place the next 3 months.
-Pray for Thatcher's little body, that it will accept this new liver with no problems and in the days and weeks to come that he will recovery quickly.
-Pray for BJ who will be taking care of his wife and son as they recover
-Pray for all the doctors and nurses involved, as doing a transplant on an 8 month old is rarely done and therefore more difficult
-Pray for Amelia who will be without her Mommy, Daddy and brother for 3 months and the family that is taking care of her
-Pray that God would be glorified no matter the outcome and that this family would have His peace through it all
Love you Jessie!!! You are such a strong woman and I have been inspired by your faith and perseverance through this entire situation! I promise to be one of your biggest prayer partners!!!
(This was us back in November 08 when she was pregnant with Amelia and I was pregnant with Griffin)

Read more about Thatcher's story here and feel free to visit their blog, http://bjandjessielink.blogspot.com/ for updates as well!


Refreshing visit to TN!

When the first thing I see is this when I pull into town, I know its going to be a refreshing weekend! I have said it before but it continues to amaze me every time we go back to TN and I see how beautiful our hometown is... you dont realize it as much when you see it every day!!

As you could see from the previous posts, we had a very busy weekend with my Dad's birthday party and Vance's shower, however we were also able to squeeze in some down time to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we had... in the 80s! Griffin has officially embraced his Mommy and Daddy's love for the lake. If he wasn't outside, he was asking to go outside and "throw rocks," into the lake. We are so blessed that the lake is all around us there, in both my mom and dad's backyards..... it. is. AMAZING!

Every time I am with family it is refreshing but there was something about this weekend and seeing my boys with them that was extra special. Griffin is old enough now to truly enjoy spending time with each of them... and Carter got to meet ALL the family, some for the first time!
I live for little moments like these.......

snuggles with Susu
enjoying swinging at the park
throwing sticks with Cici
coos for Mimi

throwing rocks with Ty

meeting Mamaw and Frank
meeting Uncle Moose
meeting Uncle TyTy
being silly with Aunt Cara
they warm my soul and make my heart smile!!! Thank you family for all of our memories we made. Living so far away, we do NOT take them for granted!

Showering Baby Briggs

Jessica, JD and I have been friends for a LONG time! Elementary school is where it all started and we have experienced middle school weirdness, high school drama, college, weddings and now babies together! Jessica is due with her first baby May 25th and so JD and I, along with some other lovely ladies in Jessica's life, threw her a shower this weekend!
I was excited that Jessica was able to meet Carter and see Griffin as well. We talk at least once a week on the phone and stay in touch really well but hardly ever get to see each other in person!

SO excited for Baby Briggs to arrive soon!
Love you Vancerelli :)

Happy 50th to VDiddy!

My Dad celebrated the BIG 5-0 this weekend and we were thrilled to be able to go to TN to surprise him for his party! Carter was able to meet Uncle Moose, Uncle Tyty and all the extended family as well. Special memories for sure :)
Happy birthday Diddy! We are so thankful for a wonderful Dado and Grandpa Diddy too!! Love you so much

Bulldog puppies for sale!

If you or anyone you know is interested, call 865-394-9054. They are available April 1st!


Our smart boy!

We are so very proud of Griffin.This past month has been one of incredible developmental growth for him. He can say his ABCs and 123s and sing Rocky Top, Twinkle twinkle little star, Jesus loves me and the itsy bitsy spider. He is also talking up a storm! I recorded some of his recent quotes on his blog so we can always look back and remember this stage for him. He is a little sponge right now and repeats anything we say, as well as enjoying learning ANYTHING we teach him. We are trying to take full advantage!!!

*Click on any of the links above to go to his blog and see videos of him doing them!


Comparing Pictures

I know its only natural to compare the pictures of your kids so here is the first of many comparisons. Can you tell which one is Carter and which one is Griffin??

I do think they look similar in many ways, especially as Carter gets older, but they also have their own distinctions as well. What do YOU think???