Refreshing visit to TN!

When the first thing I see is this when I pull into town, I know its going to be a refreshing weekend! I have said it before but it continues to amaze me every time we go back to TN and I see how beautiful our hometown is... you dont realize it as much when you see it every day!!

As you could see from the previous posts, we had a very busy weekend with my Dad's birthday party and Vance's shower, however we were also able to squeeze in some down time to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we had... in the 80s! Griffin has officially embraced his Mommy and Daddy's love for the lake. If he wasn't outside, he was asking to go outside and "throw rocks," into the lake. We are so blessed that the lake is all around us there, in both my mom and dad's backyards..... it. is. AMAZING!

Every time I am with family it is refreshing but there was something about this weekend and seeing my boys with them that was extra special. Griffin is old enough now to truly enjoy spending time with each of them... and Carter got to meet ALL the family, some for the first time!
I live for little moments like these.......

snuggles with Susu
enjoying swinging at the park
throwing sticks with Cici
coos for Mimi

throwing rocks with Ty

meeting Mamaw and Frank
meeting Uncle Moose
meeting Uncle TyTy
being silly with Aunt Cara
they warm my soul and make my heart smile!!! Thank you family for all of our memories we made. Living so far away, we do NOT take them for granted!

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