I never leave Your hands

This past week I have been shaken and when I heard this song today, I knew it was just the reminder I needed.

"When my world is shaking, heaven stands. One day He will set all things right.  When my heart is breaking, I never leave Your hands. Your hands that shape the world are holding me, they hold me still."

It seems like when bad news comes it just continues to pour. Just over a week ago I got a call that one of my dear friends from high school had passed away at 29. How could that be fair? In ministering to his family, they asked JR to officiate his funeral, JR's first, and it was the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Watching a dad bury his son, my heart was breaking. Knowing that life can be over here on earth in a second, my world was shaken.

Shortly after we found out that my grandmother who has been on oxygen the past few months, not only had pneumonia but that its a very real possibility that her breast cancer is also back. She has been a survivor for over 6 years now... and she will keep on fighting!

A routine sick visit to the doctor with our boys led us to a referral for a pediatric cardiologist. "Heart murmur" was what they heard. Again my heart stopped but I kept thinking, "God you are in control!" We are so very happy to report that after meeting the cardiologist today he diagnosed it as an "innocent heart murmur," which he said is common. Nothing to worry about or change for Griffin, however a huge wake up call for his Mommy. Never will I take for granted my healthy children because I know everything could change in an instant.

Please pray for the Barnes family as they continue to grieve the loss of their son, Clay. Also add my Mamaw Ann to your prayer list.

And last but not least... thank God today that He never leaves us no matter what we are going through. After all it is His hands that shaped this world, AND isnt it amazing that its those same hands that hold each of us? This world may shake me from time to time, but one thing remains constant: God's love for His children.


First day of Preschool!

 As a Mommy, there are a handful of days that you are excited that come with your kids but deep down also sad because it means they are growing up! I was definitely feeling this when we took our boys to Mother's Day out for their first day away from me! I balanced it with making it as exciting as possible for them because I knew how good it would be for all of us.

Sure enough our big boy jumped right out of bed and couldnt wait to put on his school clothes, get his "school bag" and carry his new spiderman lunchbox!
Little brother however didn't catch on quite as quick and was just wandering why we were all up so early I think ha!
 I gave my best effort to get their picture together but sometimes it just doesn't happen!
 I was one proud Mommy when I went to get them from their classrooms and they both ran to me with big smiles! I also thought it was funny because they both immediately asked for a drink. I guess not having food/drink anytime they wanted caught up with them!!

Carter cried for probably the first 10 minutes and then settled down. He often was looking for Mommy, but is doing better getting into the school routine.


My little sister is a graduate!

This week we celebrated Rachel's graduation from high school! I am so thankful that we were able to be closeby during this exciting time. It is still hard for me to believe though....

 You see I still see my sister like this little girl.... so tiny and cute. And its simply crazy to me that she can now be graduating high school!
We had a family graduation party

 Then celebrated with her at the ceremony.

We are pretty proud of her if you cant tell!

So thankful that God gave me the little sister I always wanted. I love you Sister!!!


Visits from friends

Being back in Knoxville now, we have been so excited to have several friends stop by and visit us! Tiffany and Monica (sorority sisters) were in town for UT's graduation and came to meet our boys.

Katie and Ike came up from Chattanooga for a playdate and we had so much fun!
Jessica and JD also came up so that our boys could all play together with their sons Briggs and Cade.

And Gark and his lovely fiance Macey came over for dinner and to meet our boys!

We are so thankful to be closer to so many of these friends that we love dearly... and we hope to see many more soon too!


How did I get so lucky?

To get to be the Mommy of these two sweet boys! I am oh so thankful that God chose me for them to love :)


Every victory is His!

My favorite jam right now.. just had to share. LISTEN to it if you havent ever heard it... and if you have take a break and jam too :)


Taking a Moment to Brag on the Best Momma and Teacher in the World!!!

Hello Everybody! This is JR and I just wanted to take a moment to hack my Bride's blog in order to brag on what a great Momma and Teacher she is! I got up this morning to find her material all nice, neat, and ready for her first day of work in three years! I could tell she was super excited this past weekend when she skipped her Sunday nap (GASP!!!!) in order to prepare the lesson for her class! Below is some of her material that I thought I would share with all of you! I'm extremely proud of my pretty Lady and can't wait to hear how her first day has gone!

        A Letter to the parents of her classmates introducing herself!
        Now that's Excellence and I love it!

Clear cut class rules!


She even made a sign for Griffin and Carter to take their picture under for their first day!

And the natural Momma coming out in her making sure that Griffin feels special on his first day of school!


New design for Birth Stats

Thanks to my very talented cousin Julie, I now have another design for the birth stats. I love it for little girls especially! Email me if you would like one @ lgriffi2@gmail.com!


4 years as a Brunette

For all of the recent followers, I wanted to give you a laugh and catch you up on what happened to me four years ago. You see I was a blonde, as in REALLY blonde for over 13 years and then there was that very tragic day. Oh that day that I thought my whole life was ruined.

To only know then what I know now. Brunette has given me a whole new stage of life. It is me as a wife and mommy.... and to be honest I am completely okay with being a brunette and cant imagine going back to blonde now.

There is a season for everything I guess :)

Another quick update!


Continued to be amazed at God's perfect plan... AND His timing. When I interviewed my first week here I was so thrilled at the opportunity and couldnt wait to start. Then when I heard back from them they said it would be a week or two before I heard anything and I began to doubt. I know that His timing was perfect though because it allowed me this week to really get into the swing of things with our new life here AND I am even more grateful now that I got the job!!

I will be a 3 year old preschool teacher for a Mother's Day out program at a church here in Powell. Teaching children truly is my heart and I've been lucky enough to be able to be doing Sunday School these last few years. Now I will be able to teach at this awesome school and share the love of Jesus to more kids than just my own! And speaking of our boys... they get to go to school for FREE! To top it all off its only two days a week and so I will still be a stay at home mom at the same time :)

God is SOO good! I am so excited and thank you guys for your prayers! Notice I asked you yesterday to pray and TODAY He answered!

Family Celebration for Griffin

 We had a small family party to celebrate our big boy turning 3! He is still in love with Lightning McQueen and the cars gang so that was the party that he wanted. It was so wonderful to be able to have our family over to OUR house to have a party... it was the first time EVER!
Griffin was very blessed and we will definitely be spending lots of time on our porch with his new water table :)