April Update- God has provided!!

As April has come to an end, we wanted to do another update on everything that is going on with our ministry that God has called us to. You already know that we have arrived safely to Tennessee and have spent these last 2 weeks settling into our new home. This house in itself is a HUGE blessing and we are so grateful to have it (I'll post more in it later).

We have been welcomed by both family, friends and church members and it has been overwhelming. Not having lived in Tennessee for 7 years now and then coming back it has instantly become evident that it is home here for us. We love the area we are in... it is beautiful! The people of the Powell community have already won our hearts as well and there have just continued to be so many confirmations that we are right where He wants us!

One of the BIGGEST confirmations is the way God has provided for us financially through so many people. We were astonished when we heard this past week that we not only met our goal BUT EXCEEDED IT!!! 2 months ago we sat with the overwhelming task of raising $20,000 and I'll be honest and confess that I truly didnt think it was possible. I did trust God in my head and knew that He had called us to do this drastic move, however my heart waivered. Mark 9:23 kept playing over in my head, "All things are possible to him that believes." But God this is just too crazy..... there is NO way!
Well God has proven faithful and abundantly so. Now 2 months later, we have $22,000!!!!! Absolutely incredible to me and I am still in shock honestly! Our God is our constant provider and through this process my faith and trust has increased. So thankful He isnt done with me yet and continues to show Himself to me and make me more like Him!

A few things you can pray for are that we can both find jobs. I know that may seem crazy since I just wrote about how God has already provided, and He has. But our journey is only beginning and we must continue to do whatever we can to get us through the next three years. We have both already had interviews, however, it is all in His time! Please also pray for a dear family back at Bethesda, the Stones. Mrs Betty worked in the nursery and was SO sweet to our family, loving on us in so may ways. She passed away unexpectedly Monday night and is now with Jesus. She was the primary caregiver of her three grandchildren Kayla, Dylan and Tyler so please pray for them.

Check out JR's blog to watch the video he recorded for even more updates and details. And thank you SOOO much for all of your prayers!!

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