10 weeks!

It is hard to believe we have been Tennessee residents for 10 weeks now! In a way it seems like its been much longer because we are in the full swing of our new life here. However, I do not want to lose sight of everything that has happened in these last 10 weeks. I mean, its not every day you quit your job, move to a new state and start from nothing ha... at least I hope not!

God has continued to be our provider all along the way AND has even overexceeded our expectations! At last count we were at $25,000 in total support raised, and thats not including that we now both also have part time jobs! It is still stunning to me honestly and I am so so grateful. It was nothing at all that we did, or even that we are just liked by that many people... it was ALL Him! We received so many checks from people that I do not know and all of those are the continued confirmations that we are right where He wants us to be.

We are loving our new location, specifically being so close to the mountains. JR is hiking often and we are spending much time in Pigeon Forge. Not to mention, Knoxville is such a great city itself! We are also 45 minutes away from all of our family!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been so fervent in their prayers for us. I know that this is only the beginning and soon enough we will be doing more big changes for our family, however I will not forget His faithfulness now and I know it will continue as long as we are doing all we can to honor Him!


Best Friends!

We had a wonderful visit with some of our best friends from seminary last weekend. Amy and Jackson now live in Boston and we havent seen them in about 9 months so it was wonderful to see them in person, even though we talk quite often! Griffin has never been so excited to see a friend before either so it made me happy to know that he remembers our sweet friends!

We had a day at the pool where these boys enjoyed playing together.
 Carter getting some love from Aunt Amy
Every time Jackson and Uncle JR get together there is always tackling and boxing involved ha!

I'm so thankful for this wonderful friend of mine. I am grateful for the time we had together in Wake Forest during seminary and that our friendship has continued on no matter the miles between us. I love that we always pick up right where we left off and am so blessed by her constant love and encouragement! I am thrilled for her new addition coming in October too and I couldnt be happier for her and the new life in Boston that she has. I love you Amy!


Uncle Phil and Aunt Kelly

Phillip and Kelly made a stop at our house a few weekends ago and we were thrilled to see them! They boys had missed them a bit.. can you tell :)

Phillip is going to Montana to serve for the summer on an ministry team in West Glacier. JR is definitely jealous... these brothers LOVE the mountains.

We have always said that Carter is Phillip Jr, both in looks and attitude ha!

And can I just say how thankful I am for this girl! It has been a long time coming for my sweet brother in law but it was worth the wait because she is a STUD! (as JR says, and not in a masculine way either ha). We absolutely adore Kelly and hope to officially add her to the Isham crew one day soon!

Griffin was more than excited to have time with his Uncle Phil. Here they are dancing to the toons at Cracker Barrel.


Phi Mu boys

We were able to have a playdate with some of my Phi Mu friends who live in Knoxville. It was so fun since we all have boys! They loved playing in Sarah's backyard.

This cutie is Jackson. He belongs to Meredith!

And this is Sarah's youngest, Ben.

Thank you girls for getting together with us! So fun to be back in Knoxville together :)


4 boys and some watermelon

A few weeks ago we had a fun night of 4 cute little boys and some yummy watermelon. Our friends from college, Justin and Channa, came with their adorable boys Tyler and Eli.
My two inhaled the watemelon... see Carter saying "more more!"

Eli looking at Carter like, how does he eat THAT much :)

Fun times on the slide!

Carter is proud of himself for making it up to the top!

 Splashpad fun
Thank you Channa for coming over! Loved spending time with your sweet family!!


Father's Day

We had a great day celebrating Father's Day today! I am so thankful every day for the husband I was given and there is nothing that makes me fall in love with him more and more than to see him with our boys! There is absolutely no doubt he is their hero and they want to be just like him... and for that I am even more grateful!
We dont really do a lot of "things" as gifts but instead try and make memories together by celebrating as a family. With that in mind, inside JR's card this year he found out we will be taking a camping trip as a family next weekend! Also, Griffin saw this trophy at Target and I of course couldn't tell him no :)

Love seeing how much my son loves his Daddy!

After church we were able to go and have lunch with Potts.
Then dinner with my Dad!
I am so grateful for all of the men God has blessed me with!!! Happy Father's Day to all of you!


A whole day for Daddy!

We got up this morning and had a FULL day of Daddy! Pancakes and bacon for breakfast, cards were given and "Happy Father's Day" was said a lot. Then I asked him how he wanted to spend his special day and of course I knew I didnt even have to ask... HIKING!

The one thing I should have specified though was how long/far we could go with kids :)

After lunch we were in the Smokey mountains, because of course they are the only "real mountains"... oh my crazy man! This hike was very steap and pretty difficult so Griffin and I took lots of breaks.

Carter loved being in his carrier... and JR was in his element!

3 hours later we reached this view! Pretty incredible 360 of the beautiful mountains

We were all very tired and thankful to have just made it to the destination!

Our walk back looked a lot like this. 8.8 miles is no joke!

We treated ourself to a steak dinner afterwards as a prize for completing Charlie's Bunion as a family! A Father's Day I wont forget for sure :)


The Stocstills!

We were so excited to be able to have dinner with our friends, the Stocstills, this weekend! Sara and I were sorority sisters and she has remained a dear friend!

The best part was getting these two together! Her son Colt is only 3 weeks younger than Carter. We went through pregnancy and then first few months together and it was so fun to see them meet!
Our better halves were also there. Coach Rett was my flag football coach my freshman year.. good times! We sure love the Stocstills and hope to get with them more often now that we live closer!


Hiking with Daddy

While Mommy had a girls day Saturday, Daddy and the boys had some fun too! JR couldn't wait to get into the mountains that he OH SO LOVES!

 Cades Cove is specifically his favorite, and if you remember we went there for our past two anniversaries
 The rewarding view at the end... "This big big big big WATERFALL!" as Griffin said :)
 Griffin did amazing, walking the whole way all by himself at 3 years old. He enjoyed picking up rocks and sticks to throw in the water and also splashing around in it at different points to cool off.
 Carter spent all his time in the carrier and JR said he took two naps!
 Daddy and his boys!
I'm still in shock that they did it... but they did! Daddy and the boys' first hike is going down in the books. Abram Falls. 5 miles total. June 2012!


Anna Ruth's baby shower

 I was so blessed to be able to give my sweet friend Missy a baby shower! Missy and I have been friends since middle school and she is truly more like a sister to me! I am so excited for Miss Anna Ruth and loved showering her with lots of PINK!
This was the first girl shower I have given in over 3 years so with the help of Pinterest and my lovely Mom, we did all sorts of fun things!

 Wishes idea from Pinterest
Also these girly napkins are from Pinterest
 Mom-to-be and all the hostesses
JD and Jessica supplied the amazingly yummy food
 Clint's mom, sisters and neice came
Missy's mom and grandmother. Soon to be 4 generations of girls!
 I was SO happy to help Missy with something for her nursery walls. The talented Carrie at Ella Minnow Pea in Kingston made her a beautiful ceiling tile!

Missy, you are such a beautiful pregnant Mommy and I am so very happy for you! I cannot wait to be Aunt Lindsey to sweet little Anna Ruth. I love you both more than you know!!!