A whole day for Daddy!

We got up this morning and had a FULL day of Daddy! Pancakes and bacon for breakfast, cards were given and "Happy Father's Day" was said a lot. Then I asked him how he wanted to spend his special day and of course I knew I didnt even have to ask... HIKING!

The one thing I should have specified though was how long/far we could go with kids :)

After lunch we were in the Smokey mountains, because of course they are the only "real mountains"... oh my crazy man! This hike was very steap and pretty difficult so Griffin and I took lots of breaks.

Carter loved being in his carrier... and JR was in his element!

3 hours later we reached this view! Pretty incredible 360 of the beautiful mountains

We were all very tired and thankful to have just made it to the destination!

Our walk back looked a lot like this. 8.8 miles is no joke!

We treated ourself to a steak dinner afterwards as a prize for completing Charlie's Bunion as a family! A Father's Day I wont forget for sure :)

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