What I'm loving Wednesday

 Since moving back to Knoxville, we have discovered the new Market Square in downtown. We enjoy going to walk around, enjoying beautiful weather and family fun. Griffin loves spotting new things like this statue. "Can I take a picture on his arm?"

 Carter and Daddy on our stroll downtown. He lounges and props his feet up, taking it all in!

 I am still in somewhat disbelief at this picture but he has been going strong for 3 weeks now. At preschool, Carter lays in the floor for his naps. Now at home you wouldn't see this in a million years and I in fact always have to make sure he is in something to sleep or else he's all over the place. His teacher said that he is just so tired after lunch she wraps him up and down he goes... for about an hour! Oh I love it when the child proves the parent wrong in front of everyone. The first thing I said our first day was, "Oh I doubt he'll sleep like that." Ha!

 I'm loving being close to my brother and future sister in law as they plan for their wedding! I was able to go with Cara to look for her dress AND was there when she "Said YES to the dress!"

 I'm loving that we have a big enough couch for our whole family to fit!! Our favorite place in the house in on our new couch. It is roomy and comfy and Daddy and Griffin enjoy their cookies and milk there just about every night :)

And last but not least my new obsession. The ice cream says it all and needs no explanations. Unless you havent tried it yet.... and if not then you DEFINITELY SHOULD!!! Melts in your mouth good!!

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