Hiking with Daddy

While Mommy had a girls day Saturday, Daddy and the boys had some fun too! JR couldn't wait to get into the mountains that he OH SO LOVES!

 Cades Cove is specifically his favorite, and if you remember we went there for our past two anniversaries
 The rewarding view at the end... "This big big big big WATERFALL!" as Griffin said :)
 Griffin did amazing, walking the whole way all by himself at 3 years old. He enjoyed picking up rocks and sticks to throw in the water and also splashing around in it at different points to cool off.
 Carter spent all his time in the carrier and JR said he took two naps!
 Daddy and his boys!
I'm still in shock that they did it... but they did! Daddy and the boys' first hike is going down in the books. Abram Falls. 5 miles total. June 2012!

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