Rain Rain Go Away

This past week here in Wake Forest has been gloomy and rainy. There was a student who came in the office yesterday to explain that they were getting married on Saturday here at the seminary OUTSIDE. Oh no.... I immediately thought but did not want to scare them. He went on to say, oh it will be okay, I mean how much rain could we actually get? I then asked him if he had a plan B. He said, "Who needs a plan B?" So as I chuckled deeply, I then proceeded to tell him our wonderful wedding story. You see when JR and I first started talking about our wedding day, I had never dreamed of doing one outside. I had always been that girl who would never risk such an important day due to rain. My sweet fiance at the time said he had always wanted something less traditional than at the church and so I agreed to look into other options. My mother had just moved into a new subdivision on the lake and after searching for sites one day, I drove by to see this beautiful part of the neighborhood. Blue skies, pretty dock, wonderful willow trees all along the lake line, and even better, it was ON the water. I had grew up always being on the lake and so this was special to me. It also created such a relaxing atmosphere, which is what we were going for. So picture it.....

Well we immediately fell in love and went with it from that day on. I would rent a tent and some tables and chairs and it would be perfect. JR had done all of the research he could to ease my fear of rain on our special day and assured me that September had the least amount of rainfall out of any other month in the year. We continued to watch the weather religiously from this moment on....

Now lets skip forward 5 months to Friday, September 22nd. Gloomy skies, I think about a 30% chance of rain, but we are still okay at this point. Wedding is still on outside.
Friday 8am- Chairs are delivered and set into place.

Friday at 1pm- Bridesmaid's luncheon. All of the girls were on the Kingston Riverboat, hoping for a beautiful relaxing ride on the Watts Bar when the gloomy skies started to set in.
Friday 6pm- Still feeling hopeful and are able to do the rehearsal outside

Saturday, September 23rd at 6:30am: Lindsey awakes to a huge lightning bolt outside her window. Let the rain begin...
Sat 10am- The boys are still attempting to play golf

Saturday, 11am- Girls getting hair done and making the phone calls to let guest know that Plan B was now in full affect, we are going to the church!

Saturday 7pm- Lindsey and JR get married in Kingston United Methodist Church and it was beautiful. The power was on and no one was wet... well yet :)

Saturday 8pm- The look on Jenn's face when she realized that even though there was a tent for the reception, it had flooded and now there were puddles of mud all throughout the tent area.
After the initial shock, everyone says, "Hey we can still have fun, let's just take our shoes off!"
And the dancing still went on
And the puddles seemed to get bigger
Let's just say the wedding dress didnt look quite like it did when I first put it on that morning.
And after all the fun was over, Crystal was so sweet to help me get off my shoes... which seemed to have gotten a little dirty too.
Yes they started off white :)
And yes this is really how much rain there was.
Here is the tent on Sunday morning, when it finally stopped raining.
And this was the day Kingston Tennessee experienced "record rainfall" in September.


secarden said...

LMAO - oh that day, that day, that day - I will never forget - ha, ha - those pics are priceless, esp. my mud covered pink toesies - ha :-) Best wedding reception ever hands down - loved it !!!!!!!! :-)

Stephanie said...

Lindsey-I just found you on FB, where I saw your blog for the first time. Then I saw the wedding blog address--OH MY GOODNESS!!!! i have never seen anything like that in my life...YOUR dress!!! the bridesmaid dresses!?!!? can't even believe that! hey-i'm so amazed that yall made such lemonade from those major lemons, girl!
you look SO cute pregnant!
your crafts are AMAZING!
great to see you here!
stephanie lyon

Steph Gentry said...

I just realized what day that was. That was the day our apartment was flooded because of all the rain and ground saturation!