Macy Kate

One sweet little girl remains out of our litter. She is now 9 weeks old and big enough to stay in the fence with her mommy and daddy. Of course by now I really am attached since I have watched her grow every day since birth. Can you believe how big she already is? Well for the sake of her not being the nameless dog in our fence I have given her the name "Macy Kate". It of course had to be a "M" name since we have Major and Maddie, and I have always loved the name Macy. We are also keeping a friend of ours who have bought one but have to wait to keep him in their house after they get out of their "no dogs allowed" apartment. Of course it was fitting that they decided to name him Maverick to complete the family :) So anywho, we are still wanting to sell her if we can so if you know anyone please pass along my number. Until then I will enjoy watching her play out back with her brother, mom and dad... it is so cute :)

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