Special Visitors

We love it when we get visitors! This past Sunday and Monday my Mamaw Ann and Frank came to visit on their way back through to TN from New Jersey. They are master travelers who love to just back up their camper and start driving... who they end up no one ever knows :) JR and I were so grateful that they decided to make a pit stop and see us and our new home. We had a great visit and did a lot of sewing! Mamaw taught me to sew when I was a little girl. I used to love to watch her as she worked her magic and made beautiful creations. Now I have taken up her love for sewing and am grateful that she is here to teach me. We hemmed my very first pair of pants, sewed back on buttons AND a took up my bridesmaids dress (dont worry Jenn we did good!) It worked out perfect that she came through at this time because I needed this dress done before Jenn's wedding in August. Mamaw always has done my alterations for anything I ever needed, so I decided who better to learn from? I will have to say, after one minor boo boo (and you have to have boo boo's in sewing, esp when you are first learning hahah), it turned out very well! I love figuring out things that I can learn to do on my own and plan to do everything on my own from here on out. Of course Mamaw is only a phone call away if i need her thank goodness!!! Thanks Mamaw and Frank for stopping by... we love to have you anytime :)

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Jenn and Chris Looney said...

Aw - so glad Mamaw helped you alter your bridesmaid dress! Is it beautiful? Can't wait to see them on you lovely ladies!