Let the games begin...

Tonight starts the summer season of church league softball here in Wake Forest. I am of course VERY excited since when we first looked at our house I realized there was a softball field right in our backyard and so I said, "We have to find a league and get in it fast!" Well it is a year later, but hey at least it is happening :) Our team has only had one practice so it should be interesting. The whole time I am out there I have to remind myself that this is for fun and I should not be in major competitive mode anymore.. but you know that is hard for me haha! I will be playing outfield and there has to be at least 4 girls on the field at all times so I think I have a good chance to play. Well tonight we shall see right?!?!? Dont worry, I will keep everyone posted and I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell... NOT to mention soreness like I havent felt in years! And did I mention we play on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays? This league is for real, just how I like it :)

JR's softball days also started this past weekend. He is on the Southeastern team that travels around and plays tournaments in the area. JR is a natural athlete no doubt, however, since he is on a team with some really good guys now, he doesnt have as much experience and therefore doesnt play all that much. HOWEVER, he is on my church league team too... so see now he will have all of the practice he will need.

How glad I am that we are back in this sporting season!

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Katie said...

Well........how was the game. Could you get out of bed this morning??