Are you kidding me?

I saw this ridiculous guy on TV the other night and just had to take a moment to vent. "Adam the DreamHealer" is a 19 year old from Canada who claims special healing powers. I decided to watch it to see what this guy was claiming and how ABC dealt with it.

Adam’s story begins around the age of 15, where he claimed he began to experience telekinetic events such as pencils flying into his hands, although apparently no one but Adam actually witnessed these events. More importantly, it is claimed he cured his Mother of MS. That clearly convinced his family, and his parents now work full time on Adam’s business of lectures, tapes, books etc. (He couldn’t cure his sister’s acne though - “I wasn’t about to waste any energy on a little pimple”. Don’t bother this guy with trivial stuff.) But his fame grew after he cured musician Ronnie Hawkins of “inoperable pancreatic cancer”. He achieved this through a series of long distance treatments (ie he stared at a picture of Hawkins), over eight months, after which, Hawkins’ tumor had gone. Are you kidding me?

It showed him in action at one of his seminars. With infra-red cameras, we could see Adam supposedly manipulating the auras or “quantum holograms” as he calls them of the people in the room. His actions were compared to Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report, who moved images in this way. To me he looked more like a kid pretending to do some kind of Kung Fu or Jujitsu moves he’d seen on TV. I’m not surprised he wanted the lights out – I don’t think I’d want anyone to see me doing anything as daft as that either. Still, Adam claims to be able to see auras, detect what is wrong with a person and manipulate brainwaves with these techniques.

But the truly hilarious piece was the explanation of where Adam got all his scientific knowledge. If you didn’t see the program, I promise you that I did not make up what you are about to read. Asked how Adam is so sure what he does is real, he recounted how, when he was 16 he had a dream telling him to go to an island to meet a large black bird. Apparently this dream impressed his parents so much that the next day they went with him to the island named in the dream. (What understanding parents!) There, on what appeared to be acres of forest or wild land, Adam found (drum roll) – A BIRD. Amazing! What are the odds? It gets better. Adam’s parents were so impressed with this bird they took a picture of it

Don’t believe it? Don’t have to – here’s the picture they took of the bird to prove it:


I have to admit, it took me fully a couple of minutes after that before I could stop laughing enough to hear what followed.

Here is his website if you want to entertain yourself: DreamHealer web page.

Again, are you kidding me?


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Wow! This is sad! I cant believe that people actually believe this CRAZY guy!

Denira Baird Williams said...

I heard about this too....it's so crazy! What a joke!!! People will believe anything these days!

Darby said...

Completely insane!!!

Michael said...

The world just does not see how bad they desire to be happy and to be healed. Us as Christians can look at this and think how crazy people are to believe something like this, but I believe this only proves my beginning statement. So that makes me ask a question, can we do anything about it? I believe we can and this is one of the ways that it can be done, we should be focused on the only thing in this world that will last, the Glory of God. Once we take a hold and make the following statement our life, then and only then, in my opinnion, will the world begin to find their happiness and rest in the one true God, "God is most glorified in us, when we are the most satisfied in Him."

So if we think that this is sad how can we change it? I believe it is finding satisfaction in our relationship with Christ to the point that all we long for is to make God known. If we don't find satisfaction in our relationship with God then we can not fulfill our created purpose, to Glorify God (Isaiah 43:6-7). Are you finding satisfaction in your relationship?

Jenn and Chris Looney said...

I had a dream the other night that I was riding a pink unicorn down interstate 40...I'm going to look for it on the way home today and if I see it I'll be sure and snap a picture for you guys.