The old skills are now gone

So I am feeling a little depressed after my recent play in our softball game on Tuesday. Lets just say that Lindsey has not played in 2 years, and seriously like in highschool not in 6 years... HOLY COW! Well JR and I still throw around and go practice at the ball fields since they are in our back yard so I thought I would be okay. I am playing Right Center field and batting 2nd, which I am honored at the respect of placing me there. Well lets just go ahead and say that I am glad it is only church league and there actually are people who are worse. I missed a line drive straight to me in the outfield in the 1st inning... not a good start. Although I will have to say that it was a night game and those crazy ball park lights were blinding me, yea i know... still no excuse!!! Then batting was a hole nother issue. I hit a single the first time and then proceeded to either ground out to SS or pop up every time after that. JR was playing with us this time and so every time this happened he knew to steer clear of me b/c I was upset. I am not sure why I am so DANG competitive but I am and so therefore am very hard on myself. I have another game Saturday so I am hoping to redeem myself. Nonetheless... I will continue to practice in hopes of returning to the glory days, but in reality knowing those are long gone :(

On a lighter note, I am loving that my husband is not in class right now!!! We are having some good fun together, now that his face isnt constantly in a book haha. We went to the beach last Saturday (1st time my camera has vanished out of my purse and therefore there are not ANY pictures to show.. can you believe it hahah?!?!?). We have also had friends over for cookouts, went to other friends house, and saw the first movie in a long time together last night. Ocean 13. Not sure how to comment on it. Liked it okay. Watching Clooney and Pitt made it easier :)

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