Go Lady Vols!

I had been hearing all season long how good the Lady Vols softball team was but I dont think I realized! They are now 4-0 in the World Series and if they win tonight against Arizona they will be the champions. (The game is at 8pm on ESPN)

The girl in the picture is Monica Abbott. She is their All-Star pitcher and Player of the Year. Last night she had her 700th strikeout and has held all teams scoreless in the series, which she has pitched all 4 games! This is her senior year and so I really hope that she can go out with a championship.

I cant help but reminisce on my old softball days.... oh how I miss them. Hey I play church league softball now, but it now way it will every compare. I would not change anything about my childhood in sports and the excitement and challenges of being an athlete.

Just as a side note: if any of you have little girls in the future who want to play softball, get them to pitch!!! I only did it in little league slow pitch, but I am telling you what... you see who is making the news with the Lady Vols, the pitcher, and that one player is SO important in softball!

Go Vols :)

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Isnt it awesome! We have been watching it! We are watching the championship right now, it is definitely a nail biter!!! GO VOLS!