Auntie Lindsey

We got the news last night that I get to officially be "Auntie Lindsey." JR's brother JC and his wife Leeann are expecting their first child in March. We are so excited to have a baby Isham coming our way... I love being an aunt that gets to spoil my little babies :)

These are also two new little ones that I will claim as being their Auntie. This is Jonas Kade and Nolan Kole. They are the precious new twin boys that my friend Mandy (Smith) Raymond just had last week. Mandy was a dear friend of mine in middle school and high school, and our families were always spending summer days on the lake together. Her and her husband Chris got married in December '05 and needless to say now their lives will never be the same. I am looking forward to visiting the new little ones when I go home to visit Tennessee next week.


Darby said...

Congratulations!!! Being an aunt is sooooo much fun!!!

Liz said...

I'm so glad YOU'RE going to be an Aunt and not ME ... ha ha - very funny Miss Lindsey :-) Can't wait to put baby ear headphones on Carter and take him to all the concerts - ha ha - Aunt Whiz is the coolest :-) BUT not anytime soon - did I mention that already? ha.