Maisy and Lily

Last Friday night JR and I had the privilege of keeping two of the cutest little girls in the world, Maisy and Lily, while their parents went on a date night. We sang songs, played hid and seek, watched a video and sang more songs :) We had so much fun with them and once Maisy got ahold of the camera it was all over haha. Little did she know she was holding it backwards and instead of taking pictures of others she kept taking them of herself. She also played the 'what is your name' game with JR, asking him if his name was hotdog, hamburger, Nanna, etc... so cute! We got this on video along with Lily chasing the popcorn as JR played airplane with her food... too adorable. Enjoy the montage!

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Darby said...

Too cute! I bet yall had so much fun!