Trail Dog

Today JR will set out for his big hiking/camping adventure on the Appalachian trail. Dont worry he is not doing the whole thing hahah, just a part of it this time, I think 30 miles. He is going to the Smokey's to meet up with Richmond's dad, Steve, tonight and they will head out tomorrow morning for a 4 day adventure. JR has been thinking, dreaming and preparing for this trip for over a month now. He has always LOVED the outdoors and wanted to hike/camp whenever he could. Because of school he hasnt had a chance to do so and so now that he has a break for the summer he is taking advantage of it. He has bought all sorts of new "contraptions" (as I call them) for the new trip. The whole goal is to get your pack as light as possible and so his goal was 20 lbs, which I think he has made it to. New purchases: Extra light sleeping back, water boiler, hiking boots, extra light tent, extra light toothbrush, extra light shirts, extra light water bottles , okay I may be exaggerating but only a little!! :) But I think his favorite new purchase, a dehydrator. He has made enough beef jerky to last him about 3 weeks I think haha, and dried peaches, plums, strawberries, you name it! Every hiker, well serious hiker I guess I should say, has to have a trail name. Steve's is "Moonlight", and now he has given JR his own, "Trail Dog." Pretty funny huh? Well please keep JR in your prayers this weekend, that they will be safe, stay as dry as possible, and see lots of God's beautiful creation. Love you sweetie, Have fun!

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