2010 year end review

As I think back on what this year has brought to us, I am reminded how God has truly blessed us. It has honestly been a really big year when I sit down and type it all out. Here is the run down: (you can click on the links to read more if you wish)

We celebrated JR's 28th birthday, said goodbye to my sweet Poppa, I turned 27, JR became the Family Pastor at Bethesda, celebrated Griffin's FIRST birthday, ran the Music City Half Marathon, I finished blogging Griffin's entire first year, we put our house up for sale, we found out Griffin was going to be a big brother, took a vacation to Kitty Hawk with my dad, had to say goodbye to our Poppy, celebrated our 4th anniversary with a trip to TN and took Griffin to his first UT game, celebrated Thanksgiving in TN with family, went on the primetime Christmas trip to Myrtle Beach, AND had our first Christmas in our own home! Whew.. thats A LOT and just the highlights!

No doubt this will be a year to remember! Looking forward to welcoming Carter to our family in 2011 :)

Mom advice

Alright all you moms of more than one kid out there. Thinking ahead to the new year of 2011, I need some tips, heads up and anything else you can give me about transitioning from 1 to 2 kids! I know it was a big wake up call for me when I became a mom and I know the ropes a little more this time around but I also know its a big thing to go from 1 to 2... not only for JR and I but for Griffin too. So help me out please :)

My email is lgriffi2@gmail.com so send away!

Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Date Night in 3D

While having grandparents to babysit... we decided to have one last date in 2010. We headed to the late movie to watch the new Narnia in 3D AND stopped at IHOP on the way home. Crazy night for us old parents :)


18 month pictures

Now that the family has gotten them for their Christmas presents... I can share :)


Quick visit with friends

Although we wanted to spend as much time as we could with our family and there never seems to be enough time to go around.. I am so thankful for a quick visit from my two Jessicas! JD is of course my Mimi's neighbor and Vance just happened to be in Rockwood when I was visiting so we made it happen! Love you girls!

Carter and Briggs together again! Carter is 32 weeks and Briggs is 18. Yes big difference in our bellies, I know :)

I also got to introduce Brittany to Griffin! She lives minutes from my dad's and was able to stop by for a few minutes. Stubbs and I go way back to high school basketball competitors and Cracker Barrel co-workers...and I hadnt seen her since she came to Griffin's shower 2 years ago!

Momma and her boys

My sweet Mimi gave me this Willow Tree for Christmas and it is very special! She cried when she gave it to me and it also makes me tear up when I look at it. It doesnt seem real to me that I am a mother of TWO BOYS! I mean having Griffin was the greatest gift to me but for some reason now thinking about having 2 makes it seem all the more real that I am a MOM! I know that sounds crazy... well maybe not if you are a mom too and feel the same ha! Anyways... thank you Mimi for this more special gift. I will cherish it always.

Momma and her boys :)


Our White Christmas

It began snowing about 7pm Christmas night and continued to snow through the entire night and until about 3pm today! I couldnt believe it... I was VERY skeptic of the weatherman because he is never right. BUT WE DID HAVE OUR FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS!!

And not just some... 7 INCHES!!!

We enjoyed the day being snowed in and staying in our pjs.

Until it finally stopped snowing long enough for Griffin to go outside and check it out.

Check out those killer boots! :)

Yay this is fun!

Well until he fell :(

And if it wasnt a special memory with my son I wouldnt post this terrible picture of me. Lazy day= gross :(

Love my little snow bunny!!!

Isham family Christmas

We drove in late Sunday night after our Christmas play and got up Monday to spend the day with the Isham family. The kids are big enough to play together now so it makes for great memories watching them together. Tristan calls Griffin "Biffin" ha! And Olivia is as tough as nails!!

Granny and her boys

silly pose

the boys sliding together

My best attempt to get all 3 of them together in a picture.
Griffin- 20 months, Olivia- 14 months and Tristan- 34 months

Another attempt! Aunt Lindsey spoiled them with sugar :)

This picture just cracks me up! You see, JR decided he wanted to get he and his brothers matching shirts again.. just like old times. So of course we have to get the classic pose like back in the day- too funny!

Granny and her grandbabies

Griffin family Christmas

We had a great visit with VDiddy and Susu while in TN. Griffin really enjoyed chasing their dog Jessie around and yelling for her everywhere he went. Susu cooked amazing food as usual, we had the spade card challenge and soaked in the time we had together.

Here is Griffin wanting to be in on the action when Sue was cooking. He would say, "UP!" wanting to get on the counter where he could see.

Both my brothers were there as well. Notice the college kid who refuses to cut his hair. Ha.. love ya Moose :)

Spoiled? No way!

our family picture

Mason finally convinced Griffin to give him a hug. I really think he was scared of his long hair the whole time sadly haha.. but he did warm up to him eventually!

silly Griffin with Daddy's glasses on

Classic group shot. This year we decided to go with Mason's colleges color scheme. Go TN Tech. Believe me.. if I didnt love him so much there would have been NO WAY I would wear my LEAST favorite color. Ugh purple :(

And an added bonus for me was that JR played the song he wrote for our engagement while we were all hanging out. I love this man!!!

Gibson and Meadows family Christmas

We were able to spend the majority of a day with each of our different families while we were in and Thursday was Pipper and Cici's day! We just hung out that morning and then exchanged gifts that evening. Griffin loved having Cici and Pipper to play with him... they marched, played with the train, danced to the reindeer and sang JOY :)

giving Pipper his present


big boy backpack!

train table- he had no idea how much he would love it once it was out of the box :)

car carrier

He loves his Aunt Rach! He called out for her every time she was out of his sight.. so sweet!

Potts and Mimi came over along with all the other family. They sure spoiled Griffin GOOD! Well all of us actually ha!

Mom's wonderful spread

More fun times with the birthday twins. Its getting harder and harder to get a picture of these two VERY active boys!

Uncle Ty

Mimi and Potts with my handsome cousins Alec and Drew

Pottsy and Rachey

love my Mimster!

Rare photo of brother and siter here!
1. they dont take pictures and 2. they dont HUG ever :)

all the cousins!

Megan, Caylor, Drew, Alec, Raymond, Rachel, me, Griffin and Tyler

love the tradition of taking this picture every year.. definitely cherish them!

Daddy and Griffin's movie

Knowing that Carter will be joining our crew very soon and Daddy and Griffin's time will be added to by another sweet boy... I wanted to do something special for the 2 of them as their little movie together.

This was JR's Christmas present from Griffin :)

A Wonderful Christmas!

There was so much joy today watching this little boy enjoy Christmas! Last year he really had no clue what was going on so this year was extra special. Each time he opened a present he said "Ohhh!" and was so excited. He also went around saying "Happy Jesus" skipping the birthday part ha!

This was the scene when he walked into the living room. Daddy had prepared it special so that he would be so excited when he woke up!

This is what he did for about 75% of the day. He was SOOO excited about his basketball goal... and in fact between opening each of his presents he had to go and "shoot it"! :)

I gave the gift of dates this year. More specifically Project 52, where I have planned out a date for each of the 52 weeks of the coming year. Plently more on this to come!

Griffin gave Daddy a book of their pictures together as well as a movie. I wanted them to have something special to remember their "daddy and Griffin time" together because Carter will be joining in soon. It was the first of several emotional moments of the day!

Momma and Carter on Christmas day! Hard to believe we will have another boy for next year's Christmas :)

Uncle Phil came over and spent the day with us! Griffin loved having a playmate!!

With my two greatest gifts on our first Christmas in our own home! One that we will never forget for sure :)

We worked hard on getting his room set up while he was napping... it was a fun project for the day! So...after he woke up, he saw his big boy room for the first time and LOVED it! Here is Mr. Cheese on his bed... once we get some shades up on the windows he will get to sleep in it!

Griffin's new train table in his room. When he took a break from shooting his basketball, he ran into his room yelling "Choo Choo!" He had endless entertainment!!

Our amazing Christmas dinner compliments of the Marsh family. Completely in awe at their generosity! Yet another emotional moment :)

Griffin and Daddy with Jesus' birthday cake. Mommy did the cross and Griffin decorated with sprinkles. It was a precious memory!

And probably the best memory of the entire day.... these precious words from our sweet boy.

Celebrating Jesus' birth today and ALWAYS! Hope yall had a wonderful Christmas too!