Isham family Christmas

We drove in late Sunday night after our Christmas play and got up Monday to spend the day with the Isham family. The kids are big enough to play together now so it makes for great memories watching them together. Tristan calls Griffin "Biffin" ha! And Olivia is as tough as nails!!

Granny and her boys

silly pose

the boys sliding together

My best attempt to get all 3 of them together in a picture.
Griffin- 20 months, Olivia- 14 months and Tristan- 34 months

Another attempt! Aunt Lindsey spoiled them with sugar :)

This picture just cracks me up! You see, JR decided he wanted to get he and his brothers matching shirts again.. just like old times. So of course we have to get the classic pose like back in the day- too funny!

Granny and her grandbabies

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