Griffin family Christmas

We had a great visit with VDiddy and Susu while in TN. Griffin really enjoyed chasing their dog Jessie around and yelling for her everywhere he went. Susu cooked amazing food as usual, we had the spade card challenge and soaked in the time we had together.

Here is Griffin wanting to be in on the action when Sue was cooking. He would say, "UP!" wanting to get on the counter where he could see.

Both my brothers were there as well. Notice the college kid who refuses to cut his hair. Ha.. love ya Moose :)

Spoiled? No way!

our family picture

Mason finally convinced Griffin to give him a hug. I really think he was scared of his long hair the whole time sadly haha.. but he did warm up to him eventually!

silly Griffin with Daddy's glasses on

Classic group shot. This year we decided to go with Mason's colleges color scheme. Go TN Tech. Believe me.. if I didnt love him so much there would have been NO WAY I would wear my LEAST favorite color. Ugh purple :(

And an added bonus for me was that JR played the song he wrote for our engagement while we were all hanging out. I love this man!!!

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