Girls Adventurous Weekend in the Mountains!

This was the amazing setting for our girls weekend courtesy of the McMillin family in Seven Devils, NC. Man it was so relaxing and just beautiful! We arrived Friday, enjoyed a dinner downtown and then caught up by the fire that night.

I mean check out this view!

with Amy by the tree

I loved all of the details in this place. Sara's parents had worked VERY hard to make it unique...

The outside of the cabin.. is it not just AMAZING?!?!

So yes I could go on and on about how beautiful it was but as you can see from this picture that I took Saturday morning... it snowed! We were not expecting snow until Sunday afternoon and even when we woke up to it we didnt think much of it.

We all got dressed and decided to go down to the outlets to do some Christmas shopping.... only to figure out that our cars would NOT make it down the hill.
Our cars got stuck, we about froze hiking back up the hill in the snow and needless to say there was no point in getting ready that morning ha!
What to do, what to do?!?

Coach Rett to the rescue!!! Sara's husband was so sweet to drive an hour up there to save us! He drove all our cars down to the bottom and we were able to make it back to Johnson City where they live.

Lunch before we had to leave. Very sad to have to go but better to be safe at the bottom!

We went to dinner and a movie once we got there, and then shared baby gifts. Sara is expecting their first son Colt February 24th!

Carter's sweet gifts from Amy

Preggo friends by the tree

Colt and Carter... friends already :)

I had a blast with you girls... even with the change of plans! It definitely made the trip interesting and one we will never forget..... plus we found out later that they received 18 INCHES after we left. HOLY COW we would have been stuck for a week ha!
Thank you Sara for hosting such a fun weekend. Love you girls!

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