Our White Christmas

It began snowing about 7pm Christmas night and continued to snow through the entire night and until about 3pm today! I couldnt believe it... I was VERY skeptic of the weatherman because he is never right. BUT WE DID HAVE OUR FIRST WHITE CHRISTMAS!!

And not just some... 7 INCHES!!!

We enjoyed the day being snowed in and staying in our pjs.

Until it finally stopped snowing long enough for Griffin to go outside and check it out.

Check out those killer boots! :)

Yay this is fun!

Well until he fell :(

And if it wasnt a special memory with my son I wouldnt post this terrible picture of me. Lazy day= gross :(

Love my little snow bunny!!!

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Leah F said...

Love the pictures, Linds! I posted a couple of 'gross' pics of me too because my kids were enjoying hte snow so much I didn't want to miss it. Nathan chastised me when I complained about them :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!