First family visit

This weekend was extra special... it was the first time Dad, Sue and Mason came to visit our new home in NC. We had the chance to share our friends with them, as well as some of our favorite things to do. Saturday afternoon (after my sweeties homemade pancakes) we went to the park close to our house and played softball with Richmond, Elizabeth, Michael and Jordan. After I proved that I still have some softball skill (which have faded way faster than i had hoped!) we all came back to the house for lunch and then an always fun game of turbo cranium. It was neat to let our family meet our dearest friends here and see what life is like in Wake Forest. We also gave them a tour of campus and around downtown. Then we went out to eat at Olive Garden for my birthday. I loved having the opportunity to share what God has been doing in our lives here and letting them see that even though we are 6 hours away now, it truly is where God wants us to be. I am a very blessed 24 year old. Wow, I am getting up there :) Isnt my little (well actually he is about a head taller than me now) bro so cute. He got his letterman jacket as a freshman... he is extra special. Sue got me a birthday present to remind me where my home is. I will have to say, there is no doubt i will ever forget where I am from so you dont have to worry!


Celebration at the office

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of co-workers. Today we had my birthday lunch filled with all of my favorites! Chick-fila, Ranch Doritos, Baked Bar-b-que Lays, Sweet Tea and even strawberry dessert. God has blessed me with an office that is so kind and I enjoy them very much. Jen and Leigh are my special side-kicks and I am so grateful that they let me join them (actually I wouldnt know what to do without them). They planned the whole thing to make it extra special for me. The also made me a card with my office nickname "Wendy".... dont ask that story haha, but I love it! I always wanted a nickname but honestly never pictured having my face on the Wendy's sign. It is my favorite fast food place though so go figure :)

1st birthday celebration

My sweetie surprised me by taking me to eat at a really good Japanese place called Kanki and our friends Richmond and Elizabeth were there to join us. It was funny because he said that I "ruined the surprise" since I insisted on us going on to the restaurant because I was starving. So when we got there we were 30 minutes early and the Grahams had not gotten there yet. Whoops :) It was still special! We had fun with the chop sticks, as you can tell and they sang happy birthday to me and brought out some very tasteful sherbert. We also found some fun hats next door at the ski store (this is where we had to go to "waste" time before we went to eat. I have the greatest husband in the world :) Oh how I love birthdays!!!


Upgrading the house decor

After a trip with the girl's... of course I have returned home with new house decor! I am by no means Mrs. Cathy Gibson yet, but hey I am trying :) It is amazing how much I love love love to decorate now that we have our very own house. We were very blessed with wonderful wedding gifts which added a lot but it did need some jazzing up a bit. I used my Christmas money to finish up the Pottery Barn collection in the kitchen. And I think I am officially obsessed with paisley for some reason. I even found a plate that matches my placemats haha. I ventured into the "silk flowers" which I had never done before. There is just something about flowers that make it feel more like home. My most favorite part of the whole house now is our screened in porch. I finally got some cushions and such to go with our wicker furniture... and am even more excited that I got to incorporate a new favorite color of mine (teal blues and browns together.. just love it). And of course I try to top everyone room, or more like every place I possibly can with a picture. All of you know pictures are my treasures and so therefore I want them everywhere!


Mother Daughter Weekend

This weekend we had a lovely mother/daughter weekend in Pigeon Forge. Mom, Rachel, Vance, Teresa and I all stayed in a beautiful cabin in the beautiful Smokey Mountains. As you can see there was plenty of snow that joined us as well.. and it was wonderful. We spend the day shopping at Old Time Pottery (of course where else does my mom go) and the evening cooking dinner, painting our nails, relaxing in the hot tub and watching Steal Magnolias... such great girl time. This next weekend is Jessica and I's birthday (we are a day apart) and so it was so nice to get to celebrate with her another year. We have done so since we were in the 2nd grade! Oh how times have changed since those skating rink birthday days. It was a fabulous weekend of fun and fellowship :) Watch the video below to see our crazy mom's trying to make it up a snowy hill.. hahaha hilarious!


Miss Maddie Mae's Birthday

Today is our Maddie's birthday! She is one year old and has big news to share... she is pregnant! She will be due at the end of March and we are so excited. Her lucky man is Major and he is SO in love :) As you can see she enjoyed her birthday bone!!! It is hard to believe she has gotten so big in one year, I definitely remember her as just a little puppy.