Middle TN friends


While traveling to see my cousin play football in Hendersonville we were so happy to get to see some friends in the area too! We were able to have dinner with the Rainers who are great friends from seminary that have moved to the area to plant a church.


I stole this picture from their facebook so you could see their adorable family. 4 small kids together made for not much time for photos ha. Loved meeting Harper and seeing for the first time in 2 years! We love you Rainers!


After the game we headed to the Muesch’s house. They were so sweet to welcome us and allow us to stay the night at their house. We had never met their sweet Max before and the last time I saw Amy I was pregnant with Carter. All 4 of us went to college together and it was so great to catch up again! Thank you for your hospitality Amy and Tyler!


Happy Halloween!


Meadows #21



We were so excited to FINALLY get to see my cousin Alec play football. It was his senior night and his team is rocking an undefeated record and is ranked #1 in the state! Here he is with his beautiful mom, Shelley.


Captain, punter, holder, safety and wide receiver… he pretty much does it all!

2012-10-26 20.04.51

It was a very cold rainy night but Carter was happy as long as he had popcorn!


Another win for the Beech Bucs! So proud of these two cousins of mine and love them dearly!

2012-10-26 21.28.11

Alec, his mom and her sisters


We went to celebrate with him afterwards at Chilis. We cant wait to cheer him on in the state tournament too!


ABCs of Me

A is for age: 29… counting down to 30!

B is for breakfast today: cherrios

C is for currently craving: peanut butter and pickles. lovely pregnancy!

D is for dinner tonight: pork chops, potatoes and green beans

E is for favorite type of exercise: walking/running

F is for an irrational fear: heights

G is for gross food: cooked carrots

H is for hometown: Rockwood

I is for something important: Jesus

J is for current favorite jam: Rocky Top!

K is for kids: Griffin (3.5), Carter (21 months) and baby #3 (10 weeks)

L is for current location: home

M is for the most recent way you spent money:Hobby lobby

N is for something you need: really need? um nothing… want need?Silhouette crafting machine 

 O is for occupation: Preschool Teacher

P is for pet peeve:  being late and repeating noises

Q is for a quote: ““I’m Mommy’s woman” recent funny from G

R is for random fact about you: never pictured myself as a pastor’s wife

S is for favorite healthy snack: apples and grapes

T is for favorite treat: skittles

U is for something that makes you unique: I would rather play ball with the boys than shop with the girls

V is for favorite vegetable: asparagus

W is for today’s workout: chasing two children around Bounce USA

X is for X-rays you’ve had: back, finger

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: dinner with extended family

Z is for your time zone: EST


Coming the end of May!


We had another ultrasound on 10.25 to determine our due date. They said the baby was 9 weeks and will be due June 1st, which means that they will deliver via csection the last week of May at week 39. The heartbeat was 189 bpm… super fast! So thankful to hear that little beat beat and even saw the baby moving around.

This pregnancy has already been way different than my first two. I was prescribed Zofran for my constant nausea that I’ve had the past 2 weeks (never experienced with the other two). Much to JR’s dismay, I have been pretty moody and hormonal as well.  I’ve also gained 3 pounds already! Goodness this 3rd pregnancy doesn’t take a body any time to “show.” Definitely already a baby bump and having to get creative with my wardrobe. Because of the differences I am at least leaving the option alive that it could be a girl…. COULD being key word ha!

I will start having pictures next week at 10 weeks…. and 1/4 of a way there! It seems crazy that we’ve known we were expecting for so long already. Its been 6 weeks! Technically with my last cycle I am already 10 weeks but my babies always measure a week behind for some reason. That’s okay… a little longer for them to cook :)


Rory’s 1st birthday!


We celebrated Rory’s first birthday last weekend!


She is the precious daughter of my cousin Alan and his wife Lindsay


We also got to see another cousin’s daughter, Delaney.


And another cousin Stephanie and her boyfriend.


All the kiddos and the birthday girl




The great grandparents, Frank and Mamaw


Happy birthday sweet Rory! You threw a fabulous party Smile


Little Smokies


This little Smokey was excited for gameday today against Alabama.


Our friends Caroline and Brandon were in town visiting us and went too! With another lil smokey!


We hit up all the traditions of UT gameday to show the Battens and had so much fun!


These two Smokeys were a hit! Everyone thought they were so cute… but of course Smile



The Battens who we love despite their team choice!



On the lookout for Smokey


And he stopped by and gave them high fives!!





Great fun even though we lost the game. Our boys are ALL Vol… and that’s just how we like it Smile



2012-10-19 11.29.52

We finally made our trip that was long overdue! We headed to the woods with the Williams and let me tell you, these boys had a BLAST!


Isaiah and Griffin were best buds and loved being outside, getting dirty, finding sticks and sleeping in a tent.


Carter boy did pretty good too! I had so many clothes on him that he could barely walk but he slept well which is a HUGE praise!


Making smores with Daddy


Men of the fire: Bobby and JR


Yes it was cold and no its not my favorite place to be but the smiles on these boys faces made it ALL worth it! And sorry Denira we didn’t get a picture. Loved spending time with yall!


Fun with friends at Dollywood


The Jones family are our great friends from NC and they came to TN for vacation so we joined them for a day at Dollywood! We had a blast with great fall weather and lots of fun with the kiddos!