Smiling for Mommy

Check out Griffin's blog for a sweet video I captured yesterday of him smiling at me :)



There is hope!

We found out this weekend that JC and Leann are expecting a GIRL!!! That means that there is some hope that Ishams can have girls, even though we would have never guessed it after so many boys these past few generations :)

Olivia Ruth Isham will be here in October and if she is anything as cute as her big brother we will ALL be in trouble!

Congrats guys.. we love you and are so excited!!!


One Month Old!

Griffin celebrated his 1 month birthday with his first trip to Tennessee! We were so excited to go and show him off to all of our family and friends. Sadly I misplaced my small camera that I take around with me all the time while I was there so once I find it I will get more pictures up. We did get to celebrate James' 50th birthday, meet his birthday twin cousin Caylor, visit with our nephew Tristan who is the cutest thing ever, AND Griffin stole the heart of his uncles Tyler and Mason :)

I am both loving and hating (because it is going too fast) watching him grow so much. One month has seemed to go by so fast and he continues to grow so much every single day. He has started talking to us now by cooing and continues to give his little half smirk smile too :) He continues to be more and more aware and alert and is sleeping very well too.

We sure do love our little boy!


Happy birthday Mason!!!

Happy 17th Birthday to my sweet brother Mason! The Ishams love you Uncle Moose :)


3 whole weeks!

Today Griffin is now 3 weeks old! We really cant believe how fast time has flown and how much he has grown too!

Look at the difference in just 3 weeks!


Griffin meets Aunt Liz!

We were so excited that Liz finally got to come in and meet Griffin. She is so amazing to drive all the way from Murfreesboro and we loved every minute of having her here! Griffin liked her a lot too.. she was so great with him!

And she was so sweet to bring goodies as well. Griffin 2 new ADORABLE stuffed animals and also something for him when he is older. She put a book together with predictions, advice and funny stories from all of those who are nearest and dearest to JR and I for Griffin. "Welcome to the World Griffin".... we treasure it so much already!

In celebration of Phillip and Liz's birthdays and because JR has been talking about taking Griffin for about 6 months now... we braved it and took Griffin to his FIRST Mudcats game! He did really well and we all had such a great time :)

Thank you for coming Aunt Liz! Please come back soon :)
And thank you also for giving us a photo shoot! Sad it was rainy outside but we turned our living room into a studio and got some pretty good shots! You da bomb Aunt WHIZ ha!


Happy Birthday Uncle Phil

We celebrated with Phillip for his birthday today! Griffin was so excited about eating his first birthday cake.... ha just kidding :) We love you Uncle Phil!

Oh and yes as you can see I chopped my hair. Typical of a mom that just had a baby but I just couldnt resist when mom was in town.. and I feel like a new woman! It was just WAY too long :)


Wonderful Visit from Cici

Cici came to visit us and we loved every minute of it! She came on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with me and stayed until Wednesday. Monday was a rainy day, so after Griffin's doctor's appointment we just lounged around at home. As you can see both Cici and Griffin loved napping together :)

On Tuesday we took Griffin shopping at the mall for the first time! He was the talk of everyone as they couldnt get over how small he was and yet already looked so big ha.

He did wonderfully just hanging out in his stroller and holding onto his monkeys

We then met some girlfriends at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. It was so much fun having a girl's night... well and Griffin and Jackson too of course :)

Do you think Cici liked his newborn shoot just a little bit? Oh I guarantee there will be a Griffin picture extravaganza at her house as soon as she gets home :)
We love you Cic and thank you for visiting us! Come back soon.. and bring Pipper too!


My healthy boy

Griffin had his 2 week check up today and he is a very healthy boy. He now weighs 8 pounds and 2 ounces (25 percentile) and is 21 inches long (55 percentile) so he is growing growing! We are so thankful for our healthy baby boy!


A wonderful Mother's Day!

I had the very best first mother's day! First of all it really felt weird when people would say Happy Mother's Day to me bc it still doesnt seem real to me... BUT I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT ANYWAYS :) Griffin celebrated being 2 weeks old and we went to church for the first time. He did very well and everyone thought he was adorable. I dressed him in his "I love my Mommy and my Mommy loves me" outfit bc I thought it was pretty fitting for Mothers Day :) He gave me his own present by sleeping for 5 straight hours last night and letting me sleep in some. Then he and Daddy came and brought me another present- a new addition to our family sign (see pic below).
After church they took me out to lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was very yummy and we enjoyed being outside bc it was such a beautiful day. Griffin loved his first outing to a restaurant and just slept the whole time :)

My present from Daddy and Griffin- we had to update our family sign :)

The rest of the afternoon I just hung out with my boys. I swear Griffin just gets cuter and cuter every day ha! My mom got here at 4 and we all cooked out and enjoyed more of the weather by going on a walk together. Cici just cant get enough kisses from her little man... glad someone else feels my pain ha!
I will never forget this very special first mother's day! Celebrating a healthy baby boy with my wonderful husband and mom made it perfect!!!

My 2 week picture with sock monkey- wow I cant believe it has already been 2 weeks!


Cousin Caylor

As I was just looking on facebook at the pictures my cousin put up of her precious boy Caylor, I just realized I had not said congrats to them in the blogging world! As I had previously posted my cousin Megan and I were pregnant at the same time and expecting our boys just 3 weeks apart. Well... believe it or not God so it fit to bless our family times two on the SAME day! Caylor and Griffin were both born on April 26, 2009 and I believe it was only a matter of a few hours apart. I was just getting back into my recovery room when we got the news that he had been born.

Griffin now has a play mate for sure and oh wont the birthday parties be so much fun too. For those who know my Mimi you can only imagine how excited she is to now be a GREAT grandmother times two :)

Newborn Photos


Happy Birthday Poppa!

Today is a very special day as it is my great grandfather Poppa's 90th birthday! Griffin wanted to send a special message to his great great grandfather and let him know he cant wait to meet him soon :) We love you Pop!!!

Still loving it!

Hey there! Sorry I havent posted in awhile, but I have been a little bit preoccupied with my little man :) It is all I can do to actually get something done in a day bc after I feed him and just sit around and watch him all day before I know it, it is 7pm and the day is almost over! I am still in awe that Griffin is really here and continue to fall more and more in love with him every day. We are so blessed to have a great baby! He is sleeping 3-4 hours at night, stays awake after his feeds during the day and is just really a content baby. Feeding is really going well now too, which was my major stress before and we will go back to the doctor Monday for his 2 week check up.

I have been updating his blog when I can and we are caught up as of now so check it out for more pictures :) www.griffinjonah.blogspot.com


One week old!

Holy cow! We have officially blinked and now we are already at one week old. Yes it has been a week with not a lot of sleep and a new adjustment to life, HOWEVER it has been the most amazing week all in the same. The love of a child is like nothing I can describe or could ever imagine before I became a mom. I just love looking at my little guy all the time, and of course steal his kisses about every other second too. JR and I cant get over how much we LOVE being parents and how every day is just so special now sharing it with our little man.

I know how crazy I am at wanting to save every memory I have with Griffin and so therefore I have decided to give him his own blog that one day I can share with him so that he can go back and be able to see what life was like in his earliest days. I am going to do a post for every day of his first year with at least one photo and memory of that day. Yes I know this sounds crazy, but I have seen it done and to know that he will have it forever makes it so worth it. And also since I know everyone is not like the grandparents and may not want to see his EVERY move, I have just created his own page http://griffinjonah.blogspot.com/. It of course is not feasible for me to post every day before the midnight hour hits, ESPECIALLY with a newborn. However thankfully I can post with whatever dates I want even days later :)

Anyways I do hope you guys enjoy watching him as he changes so much every single day. And be prepared that these first few months will have lots of titles like "My first......" ha! Cmon you knew I would be that crazy first time mom to celebrate every moment!!

And I leave you with this pitiful picture of Griffin as Daddy is trying to keep him awake so that he will sleep better at night. This was as we watched a movie and at the end of his span of sitting around just looking at both of us. He did great though from 8-9pm and it proved to help him sleep great too! We went down at 10:30 and got up at 1:15, 4:20 and 7:45! AND Mommy and Daddy both got 6 hours of sleep too.... oh how I love switching off shifts and am blessed to have a husband who is a HUGE help!


Life with a wonderful baby boy!

We are SOOOOO enjoying our first week with Griffin. Dont get me wrong it is a very big change in life, but we just cant get enough of him and therefore seem to forget that he cries at night and makes us lose sleep :) He is doing pretty well though at night, both sleeping well in his bed and getting up just about every 3 hours. We went to the doctor on Friday for his first check up and they were a bit worried about his weight loss, down a whole pound since birth. So we made sure to use my supplemental breast milk and feed him extra good and went back today and he had gained 4 ounces in one day!!! HUGE PRAISE. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than feeling like you are starving your child as a new mom. You can pray that he will do better with his breastfeeding. He and I are both still trying to figure it out and we have our good feeds and bad ones.
Our first 2 days at home were rather crazy, trying to get adjusted with our new life that TOTALLY revolves around our little man. We would come to the end of the night and realize that the day had gone by and we had really done nothing but feed him, get him to sleep and change his diapers ha. BUT yes we know.. such is life now as a parent :) Today however we really felt more like we had a better flow of things and got out of the house a bit. We had our very first walk and Griffin loved it (he slept the whole way of course ha).

Here are some pictures for the grandparents of our last couple of days!!!