One Month Old!

Griffin celebrated his 1 month birthday with his first trip to Tennessee! We were so excited to go and show him off to all of our family and friends. Sadly I misplaced my small camera that I take around with me all the time while I was there so once I find it I will get more pictures up. We did get to celebrate James' 50th birthday, meet his birthday twin cousin Caylor, visit with our nephew Tristan who is the cutest thing ever, AND Griffin stole the heart of his uncles Tyler and Mason :)

I am both loving and hating (because it is going too fast) watching him grow so much. One month has seemed to go by so fast and he continues to grow so much every single day. He has started talking to us now by cooing and continues to give his little half smirk smile too :) He continues to be more and more aware and alert and is sleeping very well too.

We sure do love our little boy!