One week old!

Holy cow! We have officially blinked and now we are already at one week old. Yes it has been a week with not a lot of sleep and a new adjustment to life, HOWEVER it has been the most amazing week all in the same. The love of a child is like nothing I can describe or could ever imagine before I became a mom. I just love looking at my little guy all the time, and of course steal his kisses about every other second too. JR and I cant get over how much we LOVE being parents and how every day is just so special now sharing it with our little man.

I know how crazy I am at wanting to save every memory I have with Griffin and so therefore I have decided to give him his own blog that one day I can share with him so that he can go back and be able to see what life was like in his earliest days. I am going to do a post for every day of his first year with at least one photo and memory of that day. Yes I know this sounds crazy, but I have seen it done and to know that he will have it forever makes it so worth it. And also since I know everyone is not like the grandparents and may not want to see his EVERY move, I have just created his own page http://griffinjonah.blogspot.com/. It of course is not feasible for me to post every day before the midnight hour hits, ESPECIALLY with a newborn. However thankfully I can post with whatever dates I want even days later :)

Anyways I do hope you guys enjoy watching him as he changes so much every single day. And be prepared that these first few months will have lots of titles like "My first......" ha! Cmon you knew I would be that crazy first time mom to celebrate every moment!!

And I leave you with this pitiful picture of Griffin as Daddy is trying to keep him awake so that he will sleep better at night. This was as we watched a movie and at the end of his span of sitting around just looking at both of us. He did great though from 8-9pm and it proved to help him sleep great too! We went down at 10:30 and got up at 1:15, 4:20 and 7:45! AND Mommy and Daddy both got 6 hours of sleep too.... oh how I love switching off shifts and am blessed to have a husband who is a HUGE help!


Lawson Family said...
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Lawson Family said...

Hey Lindsey, you look fantastic!! Griffin is just beautiful. But you're like me...you got left out when it came to who he looks like. He looks just like JR...even the same hair line and Maddox looks just like Donnie. We do all the work and the dad's get all the glory! Enjoy every second...it does fly by.

Tara said...

Sounds like you all are really enjoying your little man! I must say you must be getting lots of sleep if you are feeling up to doing 2 blogs! LOL! Cant wait to check out all of the updates!

Lori said...

JR and Lindsey, Griffin is just so sweet. Congratulations to you both. I can't really tell who he looks like but sure is a good looking baby. Take care you guys! The Neal's

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