Griffin meets Aunt Liz!

We were so excited that Liz finally got to come in and meet Griffin. She is so amazing to drive all the way from Murfreesboro and we loved every minute of having her here! Griffin liked her a lot too.. she was so great with him!

And she was so sweet to bring goodies as well. Griffin 2 new ADORABLE stuffed animals and also something for him when he is older. She put a book together with predictions, advice and funny stories from all of those who are nearest and dearest to JR and I for Griffin. "Welcome to the World Griffin".... we treasure it so much already!

In celebration of Phillip and Liz's birthdays and because JR has been talking about taking Griffin for about 6 months now... we braved it and took Griffin to his FIRST Mudcats game! He did really well and we all had such a great time :)

Thank you for coming Aunt Liz! Please come back soon :)
And thank you also for giving us a photo shoot! Sad it was rainy outside but we turned our living room into a studio and got some pretty good shots! You da bomb Aunt WHIZ ha!