Wonderful Visit from Cici

Cici came to visit us and we loved every minute of it! She came on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with me and stayed until Wednesday. Monday was a rainy day, so after Griffin's doctor's appointment we just lounged around at home. As you can see both Cici and Griffin loved napping together :)

On Tuesday we took Griffin shopping at the mall for the first time! He was the talk of everyone as they couldnt get over how small he was and yet already looked so big ha.

He did wonderfully just hanging out in his stroller and holding onto his monkeys

We then met some girlfriends at California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. It was so much fun having a girl's night... well and Griffin and Jackson too of course :)

Do you think Cici liked his newborn shoot just a little bit? Oh I guarantee there will be a Griffin picture extravaganza at her house as soon as she gets home :)
We love you Cic and thank you for visiting us! Come back soon.. and bring Pipper too!