Say yes to VBS

This year we did Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS and Bethesda and had a blast! JR was the MC and was definitely in his element ha... even doing a rap that went something like this....

"Everybody say yea yea yea yea yea to the vvvbs"

My sweet friend Meredith and I taught the kindergarten class. With 16 little crazy kids... it made for a lot of fun :)

Griffin loved all of the music and danced and clapped along!!

He and Heather posing on the horse


8 week update

Here is the infamous first belly shot picture at 8 weeks (we will still go with that for now). It is crazy because I really do feel like I am already starting to show a bit! They say with your second you do, and I am agreeing at this point since I already have a pouch ha :) I feel like I did with Griffin at 12 weeks already!!!

I have been really tired the last week or so and have to make sure that I keep food in me or I get naseau but other than that nothing! I am so thankful and have no complaints!!! Very happy for the confirmation... your mind always wanders if you can really trust those home pregnancy tests ha!

Meeting the new baby!

Today we had our pregnancy confirmation appointment with Dr. Holton. We are so sad that he is no longer delivering so we will be looking for a new doctor this time, however it was great to see him again!

We did indeed find a baby and got to hear the heartbeat! The baby was hugging against my wall and therefore we couldnt get as good of a measurement as we wished BUT he said everything looked healthy. From what he could see he said I was measuring 7 weeks (a week behind my LMP) and the heartbeat was 120 bpm. But again... he said we shouldnt commit to that just yet.

We will go to our new doctor in the next few weeks and have another ultrasound which will be better since the baby will already double in size by then :)

It was really sweet to see Griffin in there with me and funny because he was not sure what to do with me laying on the table so he kept reaching for me to try and hug me and get me up.... he was concerned ha!


Happy Father's Day DADDY!

If you read my previous post then you already know that this Father's Day was pretty special to us since JR found out he is now a Daddy of TWO! But it is also very special because he has now been a father over a year and I have been able to watch him grow in so many ways. I am incredibly grateful that our children have a earthly father who loves his Heavenly Father and points us to Jesus. JR is a man after God's own heart and lives that out daily and therefore teaches Griffin without saying a word. He takes being a father very seriously and understands that he cannot do it on his own.

Griffin already ADORES JR and I pray that he will always be his hero. I am so thankful to have such a man of integrity to go through this journey of parenthood with and I am forever grateful for the unconditional love he gives Griffin and I.

People told me that after having kids, I would see a different side to my husband. And I would probably fall in love with him more. They were right. Parenthood has been so good for JR and me. It has been so cool to see JR be a daddy to Griffin. He is so, so good to him. He takes time to play. To tell him he loves him. To count to ten with him. To teach him his ABC's. To read. To act silly. To hug and kiss him constantly. To let him know every day that he loves him.

We had a very relaxed day today, at the request of Daddy. He enjoyed doing nothing all day except napping,snuggling and playing with his little boy.

At church this morning, this song was sang and I thought it was perfect:

I want to be just like you by Phillips Craig & Dean

He climbs in my lap for a goodnight hug
He calls me Dad and I call him Bub
With his faded old pillow and a bear named Pooh He snuggles up close and says,
I want to be like you
I tuck him in bed and I kiss him goodnight
Trippin' over the toys as I turn out the light
And I whisper a prayer that someday he'll see
He's got a father in God 'cause he's seen Jesus in me Lord,
I want to be just like You
'Cause he wants to be just like me
I want to be a holy example
For his innocent eyes to see
Help me be a living Bible,
Lord That my little boy can read
I want to be just like You
'Cause he wants to be like me
Got to admit I've got so far to go
Make so many mistakes and I'm sure that You know
Sometimes it seems no matter how hard I try
With all the pressures in life I just can't get it all right
But I'm trying so hard to learn from the best
Being patient and kind, filled with Your tenderness
'Cause I know that he'll learn from the things that he sees
And the Jesus he finds will be the Jesus in me
Right now from where he stands I may seem mighty tall
But it's only 'cause I'm learning from the best Father of them all

Happy Father's Day my love! You are the best Daddy I could ever ask for for our kids :)


Isham Family of FOUR!

Surprise Surprise! We are now the Isham family of FOUR! We were definitely in shock when we found out today, June 10th that we were expecting again... but God had it planned all along and His plan is best :)

We had always said we wanted the kids to be 2 years apart. I am due February 7th (unofficially) and so that puts them 22 months apart.. just shy of our plan ha! It was very surprising to us that we got pregnant immediately this go around because it took us over 6 months with Griffin. But NONETHELESS... Griffin is going to be a BIG BROTHER and we couldn't be happier!

Here is a little video I put together of how we shared the news with our friends and family:


Congrats Moose!

Mason graduated from Oak Ridge High School and we were so thankful to be able to be there to help him celebrate!! He will be heading to Tennessee Tech on a golf scholarship in August. I am so proud of you bro!!!!