Birth Stats Art!

Here are some recent birth stats art that I have done for friends. Personalized to match their rooms. Loving these!!!

You can email me @  lgriffi2@gmail.com if interested! These will make great gifts or add that special touch to your own child's room :)


Birth Stats Print

It is no surprise in our house that I am officially obsessed wtih PINTEREST! If you have never heard of it then you wouldnt understand or I'm sure think I'm speaking jibberish. BUT... its so awesome and I have had so many ideas bloom from it. I would never say that I am artistic, however I do like to be crafty. This site gives you 1,000s of ideas on how to be just that and DIY (do it yourself) projects to complete.

I recently stumbled across this pin with a super cute birth stats print and thought... well I can do that! I'll admit, I always run to my sweet friend Jen who is a genius at these things and get her to put her special touch on what I come up with and here is what we came up with.....

I plan to print and frame these and put them in their new rooms when we move! AND I am so obsessed with this idea that I have made it my new thing to gift to babies of my friends that have recently been born. I think its the perfect personalized and rather unique gift for any baby!
I do plan to use them as some Christmas gifts as well, as we have been blessed with new babies in our family as well. And then it hit me... well its Christmas time. Maybe my fellow blogger friends would like to gift something like this too. So.. would you? I would love to customize this for you or someone you know as a very special baby room item they will always cherish. I used all the colors in my boys' rooms and so can also of course make this whatever color(s) you wish! Please send me an email at lgriffi2@gmail.com if you are interested!!